CDC Director: An "Evolution of Science"

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky spoke in front of a congressional hearing yesterday where she asserted that their VERY mistaken assertion about vaccine protection (if you got the shot, you wouldn’t get sick, you wouldn’t transmit the disease, you wouldn’t die) was wrong… but only because the science EVOLVED.

The very astute and hugely courageous Tracy Hoeg takes her to task.

Our CDC Director is just making things up. Claims it was correct when she said "vaccinated people do not carry the virus" (was incorrect) Then says "All the data at that time suggested people who were vaccinated even if sick couldn't transmit" (No all the data didn't suggest this)

Even in the original trials, the vaccine efficacy was only 94-95% against symptomatic disease. There was never a reason to believe either 1. vaccinated people didn't carry the virus or that 2. vaccinated couldn't transmit I have trouble believing CDC Director doesn't know this.

If one looks at the original Moderna trial results…, they *did* look at asymptomatic infection & said "some degree of protection may be afforded" But subsequently published results showed only 63% efficacy vs asymptomatic infection


And why on earth would she think symptomatic people couldn't transmit because they were vaccinated? What evidence could she possibly point to that "suggested" this? Yet she went as far as to say "all the data" suggested it. Just...what?

Seems like a great time to trod out our favorite video:

Rational Ground by Justin Hart
Rational Ground by Justin Hart
Justin Hart