Something isn't working right

40% of all cases in San Diego county are from fully vaccinated people and almost 20% of all deaths.

BREAKING UPDATE. See section below on hospitals FUDGING the numbers.

You have to FIGHT to get the stats but when you see them up close you realize - yeah, the vaccine is NOT what they sold us.

I had to piece it together from emails and hidden stats but if you’re patient you can reverse engineer the cases, hosp. and deaths for vaxxed and unvaxxed and the picture shows… something is not working as intended.

I live in San Diego, the fifth most populated county in the country. With draconian California lockdowns and vax rates through the roof this is a great proving ground for whether or not these vaccines are impacting the wave of COVID-19 outcomes.

Of course, they don’t give you all the data neatly set out for you. No - you have to work for it. Painstaking logging of info from PDF files to understand the true efficacy of the vaccines (or lack thereof some might declare).

Two quick screenshot to tell part of the story. These are headers on their vaccination page of the San Diego COVID-19 Watch - a weekly publication.

First from the beginning of August:

Then - a month later:

The ratio between vaxxed and unvaxxed cases keeps dropping every week. The rate right now 3.6x more cases among unvaccinated vs vaccinated populations. Which is fine but it’s certainly not the efficacy promised at the outset.

The rest of the stats are as follows:

  • 30,782 new cases of COVID-19 from testing between 8/1 and 9/11

  • 40% of those cases are from FULLY VACCINATED people (note: San Diego has 70% of their population with 1 shot)

  • Over 8% of hospitalizations are from fully vaccinated people

  • 18% of all deaths are fully vaccinated individuals

There’s some good news in there (seemingly). Fully vaccinated individuals do make up a much smaller share of hospitalizations but as we’ve noted from insider documents, the largest hospital conglomerate in San Diego has very different rules for testing vaccinated people:

UPDATE: I realized that I had the perfect short proof case for hospitals fudging the numbers. MORE proof that hospitals are not counting things right!

Aug - Sept: San Diego

  • There were 737 unvaxxed hospitalizations. and 167 deaths

  • There were 65 fully vaxxed hospitalizations and 36 deaths.

23% (unvaxxed) vs. 55% (vaxxed) hospitalization mortality!?

Someone is fudging the inpatient #'s

And just to give you an idea of HOW I came to parse this data here is the table you have to get to:

Once you back out the baseline from the end of July August to September was easy to deduct.

Flashback to the spring - March and April timeframe.

Source: The Independent. A now deleted tweet declared:

From the article. “The numbers Americans should be emphasising are that all three vaccines have proven 100 per cent effective at preventing deaths. The risk of hospitalisation also plummets to virtually zero for people who receive the vaccine.”

A month later Walensky took it a step further:

What’s more, when you look at cases and deaths across the country and compare year-over-year you realize - something doesn’t look right.

Comparing 2020 vs 2021 - I don't think it can be said that we're doing much better. In fact, it looks worse! Say what you will about vaxxed vs. unvaxxed we should not be seeing this type of difference year over year. NYT data. Grouped by HHS Region. Cases & Deaths / 100K.

Every. Single. Region... is seeing higher deaths per 100K than they did last year. Something is not working the way we think it should. At some point it would be nice to see that vaccinations are actually impacting these waves!