The List: Lockdown Impact

A list of studies and articles conveying the awful impact of lockdowns on society

Last year I received a DM from a follower who vented about his parents passing:

In his famous novel, The Betrothed, Manzoni recounts the fear which gripped 17th century Milan during the plague. He noted: “The image of this supposed danger beset and tortured the minds of the people far more than the real and existing danger.”

Fear is the mind-killer as the author of Dune wrote and we are living with the repercussions daily now. Below is just a sample of the studies and articles discussing the impact that the lockdowns had on the world.

We hope you find it useful and we’ve categorized it for easy reference.

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People Suffering from Other Diseases

Starvation and Food Insecurity

Effects on Children

Domestic/Sexual Abuse

Economy and Poverty

Mental health

Suicides and Substance Abuse