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It’s been a busy week. It’s really hard to keep my eyes from permanently rolling to the back of my head with all the stupid going around. That’s why we do this. We want to keep your sanity intact. So join up with us as we revisit the best posts of the week:

But first, enjoy this spectacular compilation of vaccine efficacy waning:

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Rational Ground by Justin Hart
Subscribers Only: XLS Sheets for COVID Cases, Age, Race/Ethnicity and Month
Two quick downloads for your to play with. This is a follow-up on a previous post about race and covid. We’ll be doing some more analysis soon on all of this. One by race first: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_uO4fJdIl4Hq0SetWc_TQ66DwyfZ7lyD/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=105456078303079667131&rtpof=true&sd=true…
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One of our most popular posts described a new article from Harvard researchers about case rates and vax rates across countries an counties - no correlation:

We can get a little snarky here - that’s what happens when you push a nice guy like me to our limits - we don’t really get angry - we get snarky. I made my Covid confession about hospitals being overrun.

We brought you through the first cracks in the ceiling putting forth the theory that the vaccine may indeed help individuals but that there’s little to no evidence that the vaccines help to quell the overall pandemic:

Rational Ground by Justin Hart
No Rhyme or Reason
The CDC has updated it’s dataset: “COVID-19 Vaccination and Case Trends by Age Group, United States.” This is one of the ONLY datasets which looks at vaccine data in combination with an epidemiological metric. We have TONS of datasets on vaccines and pregnant women…
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We pulled out the next level of analysis on the might CDC Case Surveillance File and dug into the breakdowns of race and ethnicity around Covid.

Rational Ground by Justin Hart
Age, Race, Ethnicity & COVID-19
A quick Saturday post on deaths, age and ethnicity. Let’s dive in. First, a Treemap chart of all deaths by quarter. Each square represents the number of deaths for an age group & race/ethnicity by quarter. So you can see the largest grouping are Whites aged 60+ in Q4 of 2020, 93,897 deaths. Note that the file has a data problem in that a good portion of d…
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Next, our anchor post this week. We compiled a list of studies and articles describing the strong efficacy of natural immunity:

Rational Ground by Justin Hart
Your Natural Immunity Cheat Sheet
There’s a lot we don’t know about the current state of the pandemic. What we can say for almost certain now is that if you had Covid and recovered your immune system has all the tools it needs to combat the disease going forward. Marty Makary from Johns Hopkins University put it this way…
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Next we highlighted the CRAZY propaganda posters from the 1930s. Come for the art and stay for the guilt-driven public health messaging!

More posts this week highlighted the fact that counties with a HIGHER vax rate also have HIGHER infection rates.

Rational Ground by Justin Hart
50% of the U.S. Population Live in Counties with the Highest Vax Rates AND the Highest Case Rates
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Subscribers this week got access to some very interesting Year-over-year charts showing that nearly every region in the country is experiencing HIGHER cases, deaths and hospitalizations than last year.

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The theme this week

1) Vaccines do seem to help individuals ward against severe disease

2) Vaccines DO NOT seem to be able to stop the virus in any way

3) Mass-vaccination may do more harm than good.

Stay tuned for more and share with your friends!