We've Lost Our Ever-Lovin' Minds

Kids and Masks: Best of.

It’s a catch phrase I’ve been using for a while. I have a lot of faith in humanity and I believe deep down that there are some great connections we can make across these deep divisions. I want to believe we share a “loving mind” at heart but it’s getting harder and harder to hold onto that notion.

Let’s revisit some of the “best of” the mind-losing moments of the pandemic:

Kids and Masks

I suppose it’s the entrepreneurial spirit of America that makes products like these. It’s dystopian at its core but at least we can see their faces!

Remember this poor kid? He gets home from college and his parents treat him like “bubble boy”. Good heavens.

This school took “bubble boy” to a whole new level:

The “virtual learning centers” are the all the rage. Teachers can’t be near the potential disease so they send in other adults to help kids, at school, while they teach them from another classroom over Zoom

Band. There are hundreds of these. For some reason we decided to burden our kids with our fears. We kept them from school and when they got to school we kept them from each other. There will be no Wyton Marsalis of this generation methinks.

Remember when masks were a performative control mechanism - oh they still are. This was just in May where a school REWARDED students with no mask time if they were good. It’s SCIENCE!

The plexiglass wasteland after this pandemic will be epic. And Randi here might share a BIG part of the blame in all of this:

We are are all zombies now:

No, just no.

Broadway will not be getting many stars from this generation if this keeps up:

And so much for love:

And, of course, a million of these:

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