Our research team, an epidemiologist, a microbiologist and I, compiled the largest body of clinical and laboratory data that we have seen in the English language, over 200 studies, on the hazards of mask-wearing, over five peer-reviewed studies, at volume 1 of https://PDMJ.org. These include:

The hazards caused by micro-and nano-size particulate in deep lung tissue:


Oral and pulmonary dysbiosis and microbial infections from mask-wearing:


Hypoxia, hypercapnia and resulting organ injuries:


High COVID positivity among mask-wearing populations and mechanisms:


And an earlier summary paper I wrote:


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Thank you for your tireless work, Colleen.

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Thanks. I'm adding this to my extensive Evernote repository of all things Covid

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Nice to hear that I am not the only person cataloging this dumpster with Evernote!

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It has been my privilege to share your papers over the past two years. Also Justin’s mask study list. Sorry it was necessary but I thank God you did the work and shared it! Thank you again.

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Thanks Justin. All readers need to save these and immediately start posting them everywhere as soon as the Gestapo start with this idiocy again (and they will). We missed the curve last time -- perhaps this time we will be forewarned and thus forearmed.

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Facts are totally irrelevant. The torturers started this genocide in direct contradiction to all known facts about viruses and public health. THEY ALREADY KNEW THE FACTS. Repeating the facts WHICH THEY ALREADY KNOW will have zero effect.

Torturers always give the victim a brief rest on occasion. All we can do is appreciate this brief respite while it lasts.

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Apr 19, 2022·edited Apr 19, 2022

note to self: Save for future backtracking and new oppressive control methods

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Thank you for all your efforts!

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This is great, thank you. And I see a wealth of more good data linked in the comments. I'll collect them all and put them up on covidhonesty.com

I wanted to say that recently I discovered the Chamberland filter. It's my opinion that should have been the end of the mask thing there and then, once and for all. Why was it not? Did/does anyone seriously think a cloth mask would be more efficient than a ceramic filter?

the actual ceramic filter that passed viruses through

Chamberland filter

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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Thank you for bringing me along. It’s been a wild ride. I never thought it would go this far. We fought hard and we researched tirelessly. You put together phenomenal papers. It’s been a privilege to work with you Dr Huber

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My "research team," which consists of me, a biomedical engineer, wrote this piece a bit ago: https://libertarianinstitute.org/articles/masks-and-me-how-did-we-get-here/

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I read it. I like it. Informative, Good.

My opinion, though, is that all that ever was necessary is this:

The actual ceramic filter that passed viruses through

Chamberland filter From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


and why do I find that so 'supreme' Well because it started the whole thing, according to what I read: That fact that something (virulent) passed through the filter and they knew it couldn't be a bacterium caused them to postulate 'a virus'.

i.e. the irony: a virus literally IS the thing that CAN pass through a ceramic filter.

who needs to know any more?

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