what mistakes?

they weren' t making mistakes, they made deliberate choices.

they chose to be on the dark side.

fuck them!

retribution is needed, not amnesty!

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gotta love the kumbaya "let's forgive each other." no one needs to forgive me- i didn't fire anyone from their jobs, suggest that they be denied healthcare or basic human rights, toss any patients out of my practice, disown my relatives, bar people from restaurants and theaters, destroy businesses and livelihoods, prevent people from being with their dying loved ones, wish people dead because they didn't agree with me.

so when we talk about forgiveness, what do we mean exactly?

this bitch (sorry but if the shoe fits...) writes about her then 4 year old son screaming at another child for getting too close. how does a 4 year old behave that aggressively without a reprimand from his parents? how is it that a 4 year old is so terrified of a virus when he's too young to even know what a virus is?

his parents taught him to be afraid, to see everyone as a threat and that it was ok to scream at and shame other children.

maybe one day her son will forgive her but i have no such inclination

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The reason everything was opposite is because Fauci knew he funded the virus. Once he realized if the truth got out, his legacy and NIH/CDC would be under intense scrutiny and the world would know that the U.S., EcoHealth Alliance, NIH/CDC, Wuhan Institute of Virology and Anthony Fauci are the responsible parties for the worst pandemic since 1918 based on the questionable practice of GOF research. Once he knew this would happen, the only thing that mattered was his legacy. Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie because the alternative is to admit you funded the cause of this pandemic. His ego is FAR to large to ever admit that. Until we get people to understand all this, we'll just be fighting nonsensical decisions forever.

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At the end of every science article related to COVID, especially, you read this "The Atlantic’s COVID-19 coverage is supported by grants from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation."

Chan Zuckerberg is Mark Zuckerberg's wife and obviously tied to Facebook which is not a medical authority.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is connected to the J&J vaccine...conflict of interest?? https://www.rwjf.org/en/library/coll... This organization is also funding vaccine projects......We also received $46,369 from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in this quarter. SciCheck’s COVID-19/Vaccination Project is made possible by a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. https://www.factcheck.org/our-funding/

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Keep in mind that they are still silencing dissidents on these matters.

They want forgiveness for acts that they are still committing.

“Go to Hell” is my only answer. I will not rest until they are all unemployed pariahs or in prison.

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What do WE need to apologize for??? They are clearly insane if they think this can be swept away so easily. After the mandates for access to restaurants, public places and domestic travel were lifted in Canada, people assumed that the issue was over and done with. "Why are they still protesting" people asked, thinking that life would go on as normal. They "forgot" that people lost their jobs, their careers, their businesses, their opportunity for education, for recreation, for medical care. They were shunned by friends and family. And it is STILL happening! Many employers still require vaccination.

Many post-secondary institutions won't let you in the doors without being vaxxed. In BC you can't visit anyone in the hospital without proof of vaccination. Forget?? Let "by-gones be by-gones"????? They are utterly insane if they believe it is as simple as that. Never forget. Never.

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Amnesty = Amnesia. Yet, we need severe punishment to prevent it from ever happening again and to start reparations: they should lose all their assets to pay for treatments. Start punishing the pro-digitatorship by voting against them!

How many lives can still be spared? some are still suicide vaxxing!

How many teen lives have been ruined with myocarditis when they knew in advance it would be widespread?








PS while we were in lockdowns and Emily had freedom of movement because the prostitute press was "essential workers", her boss was cruising the Mediterranean!

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I don't think they made mistakes.

They made choices in service of an agenda.

What was/is that agenda?

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Great reset, depopulation, build back better

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Everyone needs to read “Turtles All The Way Down Vaccine Science and Myths”. We’ve been lied to since the inception of vaccines.

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Reparations before amnesty. Amnesty for those who caused harm, but nothing for those who were harmed? Nope.

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"Emily herself had the data early on the pandemic to demonstrate that mask efficacy in schools was non-existent but under pressure from peers and establishment leaders, she caved, stayed silent and archived her data."

I somehow missed this, did you do a longer write-up in the archives or have a link to another story covering this?

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