The link above is only to an introduction. The full report is at www.NorfolkGroup.org

A summary of the questions is here: https://www.norfolkgroup.org/executive-summary

Interestingly, this group of doctors is NOT the group that is going to unmask the corruption and wrongdoing that is central to the pandemic history. A quick look at their evaluation of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine is enough to show that they haven't grasped the profundity of the fraudulence of the clinical trials, in collusion with the major medical journals.

Clearly, the investigation of the pandemic will be a multi-layered affair. Unless we are vocal, it could gloss over the corruption of the health agencies by Pharma.

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Feb 10·edited Feb 10

How Prof Gupta did not join her GBD co-authors?

How come Paul Alexander PhD is not among the panel? He has recent relevant high-level govt experience. I would have thought he was a must-have person on the panel.

Dr Lynn Fynn?

Dr Peter McCullough?

Dr Kulvinder Kaur?

Steve Kirsch? As a lay rep of the people.

How come the Norfolk people did not join as co-authors of the GBD?

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