I have read Peggy for a long time and her issue is that she lives in the NYC Washington DC bubble. She likes her lifestyle and she is part of the in crowd. Just think she gets paid handsomely for one piece per week and she has no connection with masses of deplorable’s that support the WSJ with their subscription dollars. She had one successful gig in her whole life as a speech writer for Reagan. Beyond that she has been in my Humble opinion a massive failure of intellectual thought. I would tend to default to a fool but that denigrate’s real fools. You read her to get a sense of how out of touch the elite class is.

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This was another great column by Jeffrey. As he wrote, all Noonan had to add to her piece was one word - "response." It was the government response to Covid that caused all this misery.

The groups responsible - largely the government - get a complete pass.

Most of the pundits are trying to get a pass as well. But Jeffrey isn't giving Peggy Noonan a pass. Good for Jeffrey. TKO in the first!

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Thank you, Justin, for pointing out what I've been saying for a couple of years plus.

That microscopic virus didn't close schools and businesses - the government did. People drunk with power did that. Fear-brainwashed germophobes cooperated with them to jail themselves and compromise their own health. The headlines you mention read very differently if that one word is added, and focus responsibility where it belongs:

“9 Ways the Pandemic Response May Have Led to Precocious Puberty” ~ Psychology Today

“Kids Played Team Sports Less In 2022 Than Before Covid-19 Pandemic Response” ~ Forbes

“Walking trips fall sharply in Portland post-pandemic-response” ~ Axios

“Mesilla restaurant owner navigates pandemic response recovery” ~ Fox

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…”the most valuable tools in the tool chest.” Is it just me, or is it only people that support globalists that use this phrase?! Another pet peeve of mine is the “pause.” A pause for vax mandates or wars. Don’t remember hearing about pauses before 2021 but maybe I wasn’t paying attention.

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Thank you for taking her to task. While I enjoy Taylor Swift’s songs & took in one of her LA concerts, I also noticed Peggy glossing over the root cause of 2020’s problems. Thank you for standing up & calling her out intelligently. The omission of “response” is indeed key.

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Noonan writes about Taylor Swift. I wish she'd written about Taylor's new boyfriend, Kelce (the tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs).

Her boyfriend is now a paid endorser for Pfizer and its new initiative to get everyone to get their "two-for-one" annual vaccines (Covid and the flu shot).

I also note that Kelce is now doing commercials for State Farm Insurance. For years, Aaron Rodgers was the celebrity face of State Farm. Then he came out as unvaccinated. I now see that Aaron Rodgers is no longer the spokesperson for State Farm Insurance.

Rodgers is funny though. He recently referred to Kelce as "Mr. Pfizer."

... Anyway, it pays to support the authorized narrative. And it doesn't pay to challenge it.

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Well, as I often say, covid times have been a revelation, for now we see many people's characters revealed by their words, by their actions, by their silences, by their inaction. We see the ones who were duped, who were willing, even outspokenly avid, to violate the rights of others, and even to the point of locking people in their houses, masking people (even autistic children), even taking away the ability to provide food for their families from those who refused the experimental jabs. And now that the catastrophe of jab deaths and injuries is well upon us, we see who are those who are unwilling to face the fact they they were profoundly and horribly wrong. We see how so many of those who put themselves forward as wise ones, public intellectuals such as Peggy Noonan, and so many others from across the political spectrum, turned out to be, under pressure, dupes, bullies, and narcissicists. All that can change in an instant with a change of heart, with genuine apology, with repentance. We shall see who comes forward and with what words. We shall see.

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My daughter turned against me because I criticized the government's pandemic response and wouldn't get the jabs or tests. I doubt she will ever admit she was wrong. Irreparable rift.

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They Are Not Safe Anymore.

They Got Caught

Creating Imaginary Terror.

You Caught Them.

Every Single One Of You.

They Will Never Be Safe Again.

They Don’t Feel Safe Anymore. Anywhere.

Thank You For That.

And Carry That With You.

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Many people I used to respect have greatly disappointed me during the covid lunacy. Peggy Noonan was one of many. I have 3 or 4 of he4 books going back to the Reagan administration. Oh well, life goes on and now 3 or 4 new books can now have their place on my bookshelf

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Thank you. She needs to be held accountable. She is the Deborah Birx of the Media.

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My neighbor kids used to play outside all the time they did basketball and softball. WELL... NOT anymore and the oldest is overweight :(

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Some with a brain didn't believe the lies about man-modified Covid, its lethality, the sudden and mysterious disappearance of pre-existing SAFE anti-viral medicines like ivermectin, the useless injections they call VACCINES, the Lock-down nonsense, the 'excess deaths' and increasing human illnesses caused by the depopulating injections. All the aforementioned stupidity collectively financially crippled every nation that believed and participated in the biggest medical travesty in history.

We will never forget!

Never again with they be able to instigate the biggest and deadliest Medical Crime in history.

We now know the World Health Organisation has been CORRUPTED beyond credibility by finances donated by 'crackpot' benefactor, Bill Gates with his enormous 'contributions' which entitles him to 'call all the shots' and, create reasons to enforce more controls and mandates that will make his dominance over the population.

Gates has said recently;

"The most lucrative investments I ever made were in VACCINES" and

"The next one will really get their attention".

Join the dots and you'll realise he's 'invested' in total control of those left alive following his involvement in the creation of Covid and the (useless and DEADLY) depopulating injections (they pretend are 'VACCINES').

ZERO LIABILITY is the biggest clue that skulduggery is behind the events - post-Covid.

We the people hereby declare the (Gates-corrupted) World Health Organisation is no longer relevant and ceases to have any authority to dictate any 'rules, laws, mandates or instructions to mankind!

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed because I joined the dots to live longer!

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I ended my multi decades subscriptions to WSJ and NYT during the pandemic. It was during that period I realized it had probs been decades since they really “broke” a story that challenged the government narrative. Who needs to pay for propaganda?

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These "experts" will never admit they were wrong. They are our betters. They have no humility. No one should hold their breath waiting for these people to admit any culpability.

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Corporate funded media are terrorists. A lot of people accepted the lockdowns obediently because they believed what they were told by terrorists like Peggy Noonan.

Thank goodness, I've spent much of the past 10 years cultivating trusted media sources. The main one at the beginning was Off Guardian before finding others during the pandemic.

We didn't need Taylor Swift or George Floyd riots as an excuse to have fun with people. Sometimes it's good to live in a state full of ignorant deplorables. Imagine how much worse 2020 & 2021 would have been without those wonderfully ignorant and devoted SEC college football fans. This is what Jan 11th 2021 (before the vaccine was widely distributed) looked like in Tuscaloosa, AL https://www.cbsnews.com/news/tuscaloosa-celebration-alabama-national-championship-covid-19-concerns/

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