What if everything that report says about Wuhan, USAID, bioweapon GOF/DURC research studies funded by the US is true...but...not the source of a "lab leak" pandemic? What if that story itself is a distraction and diversion from the REAL story of the pandemic: It was manufactured via the deployment of a brand new flu vaccine for the 2019 flu season. To drive the world into a new Big Pharma profit center that enriched everyone involved, Fauci, and gave authorities the power they craved?

I offer up this as evidence for consideration:

- This publication describes a brand-new style of flu vaccine that came online for the 2019-2020 flu season. Mammalian cell-based instead of egg-based. Claims that it was studied for efficacy...but no mention of safety trials:


"A new cell-based seasonal influenza vaccine has been issued marketing approval by the European Commission and will be available for the 2019/2020 flu season.

Flucelvax® Tetra (Seqirus) is the first cell-based quadrivalent influenza vaccine (QIVc) to be made available in Europe and is licensed for use in individuals aged nine years and older.

To date, there have been no randomised controlled trials comparing the efficacy of QIVc and standard egg-based quadrivalent vaccines (QIVe)"

“This real-world study, along with other emerging evidence, indicates that cell-based influenza vaccines may result in better influenza-related outcomes compared to standard egg-based vaccine options in some seasons"

"In the UK, the potential advantages of QIVc, which is cultured in mammalian cells rather than eggs"

“We are pleased to be bringing Flucelvax Tetra to the UK next season and have sufficient capacity at our cell-based manufacturing facility in the US to also ensure supply in September 2019"

- This article is interesting. It says that they added live-attenuated influenza vaccines to the schedule. It goes on to say that flu vaccines most definitely, positively, absolutely don't cause the flu, and by that definition won't shed...even after all of the science on vaccines admit that live-attenuated vaccines do shed. Curious:


"The 2019–2020 influenza vaccine recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) have remained mostly the same, with the exception of adding the LAIV to the immunization schedule."

- These articles tell us about the WHO's process is and what they decided the 2019-2020 vaccine recommendations would be. I'll note that the first link speaks to concerns with preparing for H3N2 from the prior year, while the second link says they ended up not developing that specific strain of vaccines, after all, and the third link says they went ahead and included the H3N2 variant, after all:




- Now, this is an interesting story from CNN that came out in November, 2019, an important time frame in the evolution of the CV story. Note the discussion about the need to develop a new type of all-purpose vaccine, a desire to test it widely, one that focused on a protein they link to a particular virus...like, say, a spike protein. Fauci is frequently quoted in it:


"But a universal flu shot would theoretically cover every strain of the flu using what’s known as an ice cream cone approach."

"Last spring, doctors at the NIH started testing universal flu shots on Sonn and other study participants to see how their bodies respond.

“I have a personal connection to the flu,” Sonn explained. “My grandfather was orphaned due to the flu epidemic in April 1919.”

The 1918-1919 Spanish flu pandemic infected a third of the world’s population and killed 50 million people.

Losing his parents at 6 years old left a mark on Sonn’s grandfather, and subsequently on Sonn himself.

“He really had great trust in science and medical research, so I know he would be proud I’m taking part in this,” Sonn said.

One of the most useful things about the universal flu shot is that if it works out as hoped, it will also protect against flu pandemics like the one that killed Sonn’s great-grandparents.

In a flu pandemic, a new strain of flu virus emerges. Since very few people have immunity to it, it can spread quickly and easily.

There have been four flu pandemics in the past century: in 1918-1919; in 1957-1958; in 1968; and in 2009.

The research got an extra push in September when President Donald Trump signed an executive order aimed at developing a better flu vaccine.

Fauci said it could take less time – but still many years – to develop a semi-universal flu shot, which would protect against not all flu viruses, but rather a group of flu viruses."

"The faster and more precise method is not to grow the virus at all and instead just create the virus’ protein, he said.

“We clone the gene that codes for the specific protein we want,” Fauci said. “I don’t even want to see the virus. I just need the sequence of that virus, the genetic map of that virus. And you could send that to me by email.”

That’s the technology that’s being used to create the vaccines being trialed on participants like Sonn right now.

“We feel like we’re pioneers, and our volunteers are pioneers,” Ledgerwood said."

How does that CNN piece from November, 2019 read in hindsight now? Experimental technology they were trying out in the summer of 2019. Everyone who took the jab has been made unwitting "pioneers" since 2019-2020. Especially now learning that large percentages of the CV biotech injections were placebos, like an actual (stealth) trial would have. That experimental mammalian cell-based vaccine technology in the 2019-2020.

Sometimes the truth is right out in the open. And doesn't even need the mystery and intrigue of foreign nations and "lab leak" theories. Let's find real truth. Not discovery of "truths" that serve other agendas than real truth. And "Follow the money" truth is usually the closest to the real truth of things.

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Gottleib, 2018: "Ultimately, developing a universal influenza vaccine that provides protection against many different strains of flu from year-to-year would be ideal. However, the reality of such a vaccine is likely to still be several years away. In the meantime, the FDA is collaborating with federal partners and with industry to improve the manufacturing of the current generation of influenza vaccines. In particular, our scientists are interested in looking at continuous manufacturing technologies for cell-based and recombinant vaccines, which could facilitate much more agility in responding to changes in influenza strains. It could have the potential to allow manufacturers to increase production quickly, if necessary." https://www.fda.gov/news-events/press-announcements/statement-fda-commissioner-scott-gottlieb-md-efficacy-2017-2018-influenza-vaccine

They'd been messing around for awhile. Since 2009 for sure., though 2004-2005 was a big pandemic preparedness focus year as well.


To be clear, I believe spring 2020 was iatrogenic, and that there wasn't sudden spread of a deadly and novel pathogen in March, etc.

But, without question, the flu shot programs would be the easiest way to induce certain responses or do something along the lines of what JJ Couey has proposed, i.e., distribute infectious clones. At the same time, given a test that lights up positive for various reasons, neither an infectious clone nor a flu shot mechanism is needed.

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And that CNN testimonial story. It's called psychological priming. Telling the public in advance the narrative that is being deployed. So that when it happens it flows natural, the public mind is primed to believe is normalcy. What would've been rejected out of hand in the summer of 2019 before it aired. Primed. Normalized the not normal, the abnormal, the offensive. Normalized.

Same thing drag shows to children. Never normal. Normalized. On TV shows. Priming. Weaponized psychology all around society. Natural law begs our generation to reclaim it. Medical tyranny is the objective. Not our life, health and well-being.

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Does anyone really believe that Big Pharma just started doing bad things with vaccines in 2020? Just the new mRNA are bad? Really? That's just when they went population-wide, not only for the "at-risk."

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So, how does that explain a new coronavirus?

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It didn't exist...until they put what they call coronavirus in the jabs.

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There is more evidence for this notion and mechanism - and that it had been going on for years - than there is for the claim that a pathogen "leaked" from a lab in Wuhan in fall 2019 and created a mass mortality event.

Reason being, it's likely that stuff gets out of labs ALL the time, but can't do much.

People are picturing Hollywood storylines and person-to-person transmission of a virus with a super-high R value. But it's simply not how it works in real life.

IRL, a delivery system would be direct - and the flu shot is the most likely candidate by far.

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And flu shots shed. They admit it. Especially Live-Attenuated. Like they switched to in 2019. I notice coincidences. That are patterns. And they tell us in 2019 what and why. Confession and motive. CNN story.

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However, I'm not saying it happened that way. Flu surveillance, testing, and shot had been something of a racket for awhile.

But the Patient Zero "spread" narrative is ridiculous.

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Correct. No Patient Zero. They had a bunch of "Pioneers" beginning in the Fall of 2019. Unwitting. Whatever they were given, sheds. They tell us it does. One way or the other.

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So are you saying covid-19 was created in a lab and intentionally released in flu shots?

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More nuanced, more layers, but de facto, yes.

Admittedly this is speculation. Informed by connecting dots and patterns, intentions and behaviors. Circumstantial at this point. Would love smoking guns, but this will do until then.

A new flu vaccine was deployed in 2019. Using live attenuated 'virus' (or whatever the pathogen is that we know as virus). Known to shed and spread. A particularly virulent strain. All by their own admission, descriptions and documentation. And in hopes of developing a brand new type of "universal" vaccine that just needs updates...like, say, mRNA. Needing widespread testing of "pioneers." This is all their language, not mine. Not my speculation. Their own words, intentions and behaviors.

Act 1) - Get a number of severe respiratory illness cases in the public, generating high death numbers in vulnerable populations (nursing homes).

Act 2) - Put out Most Wanted posters of the invisible villain - the spikey coronavirus picture. Plastered on the media as the bad guy, the culprit, be on the lookout for. Tests developed and deployed immediately that claim they know how to spot the bad guy, that bad guy. Even though the tests fingered 95 falsely accused who don't even look like the bad guy for every 5 that may look kinda similar to the bad guy. But even those similarities just have some common features, like black hair and a big nose.

But...the real bad guy is already known to the bad actors. He's not even out in the general public yet. And they already have him. Lots of him. And he's been cloned. In vials in refrigerated warehouses. But he has nowhere to go. Yet.

Act 3) - Put the entire world's population in a state of fear, "Be on the lookout! That bad guy is messing up our normal lives, and will until he's caught, all traces of him gone. But those damn collaborators giving him sanctuary, aid and comfort, abetting his life on the lam, not masking, not isolating, not depriving him of sanctuaries to hide in. They're just as guilty!"

And then promise the population that since he's such an elusive and slippery bad guy there's only one way back to normal life - the better way everyone is going to have to build back after - and that's to roll up their sleeves and take an elixir that makes them immune to the effects of that bad guy, who will stop dead in his tracks on contact. Done. Ended. But everyone needs the elixir. Or it won't work. Those who don't are every bit the criminal and murderer as the original bad guy on the most wanted poster.

Act 4) The clones of the bad guy, sitting in vials in refrigerated warehouses are shipped to all corners of the world. And given approval to be put into the arms of the people doing what authorities are asking them to do to help catch the bad guy. But, once the bad guy is in their arms, it's self-replicating. It clones. And it sheds and spreads.

Act 5) - Those clones self-replicate, hijacking the host body's cells. But, like nature, any small flaws produce slightly different reproductions, until the differences grow large enough, and become...variants!

These variant clones appear wherever the vials have been distributed into arms. They follow jabs, never preceding them naturally in the world. Not once. Always following mass jab campaigns. And these clones in vials are much deadlier than even the new, experimental flu vaccine deployed in Fall, 2019 were. And excess mortality rates followed, trailed jab campaigns in nearly perfect arcs, graphs. Globally. While those nations that didn't get the jabs had no meaningful mortality rate increase.

End: The flu vaccine of Fall, 2019 was the necessary precursor to the mass global experiment of a "universal vaccine" that Fauci describes in the CNN piece. The Most Wanted poster was a poster of the villain they already had, not the villain that was in the public yet. But fake tests looking for DNA similar to the common cold, not Covid-19, were deployed to make the appearance of the real villain passed through shots in arms later more believable. The flu vaccine of Fall, 2019, was more severe than usual flu. It did take more lives. But it pales in lethality to the experimental universal jab they wanted all along. Making everyone a "Pioneer" whether they wanted to be or not. All of humanity treated like guinea pigs. Mengele medicine. Informed consent be damned.

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