Good summary! Follow the trail, it doesn’t stop there. Fauci and friends are the corrupt middle men. Even Pfizer and Moderna are fulfilling contracted work- funded and directed by.... the US military! Katherine Watts’ substack ‘Bailiwick’ links to the contracts.

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So much to unpack!

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Here's everything you need to know about why the lab leak theory fails:


For a preview, here's three examples:

Pat asked why no animals tested positive for covid at the market. We have evidence that China killed all the animals without testing, then tested a small amount of frozen meat and stray animals a few weeks later. Then China shut down all the farms in Hubei without testing, killing the animals or releasing them into the woods. It was a massive cover up. But it was a cover up of the dangerous wildlife trade, not of the wuhan lab.

The idea that the virus was made in humanized mice is highly questionable -- it's a good hypothesis, but we have since tried putting the Wuhan virus into humanized mice and it rapidly gained a mutation (N501Y) in the spike protein to adapt. We can conclude that the virus hasn't spent much time in these mice.

The idea that the PRRA insert proves the virus was engineered is interesting. But it's a bad theory for a lot of reasons. The P in PRRA is not needed to make a furin cleavage site, only the RRA. The PRRA was introduced "out of frame", not something that human designers normally do. Every previous experiment that added a cleavage site added RRKR or RRSRR, not PRRA to make RRAR. But, since the pandemic started, we've gone looking for other bat viruses and we've found several that use PAA, which explains why the P is there and is only a few mutations away from PRRA.

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While it's a great case analysis it omits the fact that all of the testing & sequence confirmations are a closed loop information system. Testing for Covid is a bad joke and nowhere is there evidence the GoF clones can defy the rules of biology and viral evolution to retain fidelity to create a pandemic.

We don't know if coronavirus strains in the background infecting humans from the dawn of time w what we used to call winter colds and pneumonia they cause in vulnerable folks doesn't look like a novel cause of death when treatments are withheld & excess deaths justify a novel illness fraud.

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Has anyone looked into the possibility the virus was intentionally leaked? Donald Trump was cruising to a second term before Covid hit and he was making life for the CCP increasingly difficult via trade sanctions and the like. I am not a tin foil hat guy per say but I still wonder about this.

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Couple problems with this theory:

1) If they were going to intentionally leak it, they probably would leak far from the place they were making chimera viruses

2) it’s Bond Villain level ridiculous level plot. If they didn’t want Trump to have a second term, far easier methods than this. When I hear this theory I picture Seth Green telling Dr Evil “I have a gun... we can just shoot him now” when his father insists on a slow moving death trap with laser sharks

3) “They” would have no idea how the world would react to another SARS. It could have been leaked and we treated it like SARS1, H1N1, MERS, Zika, etc - we simply do nothing. There’s no way they could have predicted the overreaction.

4) There’s no guarantee it could have hurt Trump. More often than not a crisis only bolsters a president. It’s a long gamble it does more harm than good to his popularity

5) They had no idea how infectious their chimera virus would be, again, it could have easily burned out like all their other chimera viruses. They aren’t that smart. The science isn’t there yet to predict what these can do.

6) It arguably hurt China more than the US long term. Xi popularity took a hit, CCP had to do an about face halting their zero Covid propaganda, countries found way to bypass parts of Chinas grip on supply chain.

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Many of the more cynical covid commentators have gone all in on Intentional Release. I'm certainly open to that, but I feel like there's not much solid evidence. Just conjecture based on assuming the worst of our global overlords (not an unreasonable asumption).

Personally, I still call IR a possibility because I'd prefer a more solid basis before calling something fact. It would be nice if that data would be forthcoming.

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Except the timing…was it really just coincidental that the thing leaked during the military world sports games? Lots of nations represented that would literally fan out all over the world at the games conclusion…it just made the global spread so easy…and maybe easier to blame the spread on all those athletes visiting the wet markets…but tough to pin it down

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Lots of evidence even in 2020 that Covid-19 was circulating in the summer months before Wuhan Games & newer blood sample testing confirms it had global presence w cases long before the suspected leaks.

All the stories have more holes than Swiss cheese including an unseen threat to humanity that triggers WHO Marshall Law powers to protect us as benevolent forces more powerful than any virus w cloth masks & mandated speed of science transfections. Revisit the cui bono model & pandemic power source rooted in immuno-mythology. Hard to lock down over a new common cold.


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That's what I heard. Checks as true. People in Canada were getting sick right after that in areas where travels from China came in 2019.

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