Oh the irony and the hypocrisy. Back in late October 2020 Biden and his chat bot VP were both trashing on the MRNA vaccine as both dangerous and ineffective because it was developed under the evil Trump administration. Yet it wasn't considered "misinformation" then, was it?

Three months later, he's in charge and just like that, Trump's poison becomes mandatory and any dissention is crushed. Because Democracy.

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And Zuck had nothing to fear. He had,through the Zuckerberg/Chan non profit personally funded massive elector campaigns ($800mil) in swing states to get old Joe elected.

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Thank you for posting this information.

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I have friends and relatives who won’t believe any of this, even now, even though we told them this was ongoing for the last couple of years. Fractured a lot of relationships as a result. Maybe someday they will come around. Maybe. I wouldn’t bet on it.

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Wow this is significant.

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Any story about Facebook Censorship by the Biden Administration needs to include the role of Jessica Hertz. Your lawsuit? The dots connect through her. To wit:

Columbia Law School Lecturer Bio:


"Jessica Hertz is an Associate General Counsel, Regulatory at Facebook, where she handles a wide range of government inquiries and regulatory investigations. Previous to joining Facebook, she was a partner at Jenner & Block, where she likewise focused on government controversies and public policy litigation. She joined Jenner & Block after more than five years in senior positions in the Executive branch. She served as principal deputy counsel to Vice President Joseph R. Biden, counsel to Deputy Attorney General James Cole, and counselor to the Administrator of the Office and Management and Budget."

Joe Biden hires Facebook executive Jessica Hertz for transition team

NY Post, October 1, 2020


"Joe Biden’s transition team has hired top Facebook executive Jessica Hertz as its general counsel to oversee ethical issues, as the campaign tussles with the social media giant to get it to censor President Trump’s posts, according to a report.

This will be the second hire by Team Biden of a former Big Tech executive, following Carlos Monje, Twitter’s director of public policy brought on as co-chair of the transition team’s infrastructure policy committee."

Joe Biden Names Former Facebook Lawyer Jessica Hertz as White House Staff Secretary

Vox, December 30, 2020


"Biden on Wednesday named Jessica Hertz, until this year a lawyer focused on regulatory affairs in Facebook’s DC office, as his staff secretary, a quietly powerful White House role that determines, for instance, what paperwork the president sees.

Hertz joined Facebook just after the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke in 2018 — igniting a new round of public scrutiny for the tech giant — and her legal portfolio focused on regulatory affairs, which culminated this month in an antitrust suit by the Federal Trade Commission. Hertz left Facebook in June, according to her LinkedIn page; in the fall, she was announced as the Biden transition team’s general counsel.

Facebook is the tech giant that appears most on the outs with Biden’s team. His aides constantly battled with the company over disinformation and advertising policies during the campaign, and Biden has said he has “never been a fan of Facebook."

Biden’s Progressive Appointees: Watch Out Below the Radar

The American Prospect, February 1, 2021


"Biden and his team promise to do a lot of needed re-regulation. Why on earth bring back Sunstein?

One explanation could be the influence of one Jessica Hertz. She is a longtime protégé of Sunstein, both in his days at the University of Chicago and as his counselor when both were at OIRA.

From there, after a stint as deputy counsel for then–Vice President Biden, Hertz went on to work as the key house counsel in charge of fending off regulation for Facebook, the number one target for reformers of platform monopolies. And then she got herself a prime job as general counsel in the Biden transition, where she was the ultimate arbiter of ethics and conflict-of-interest issues."

Who's Afraid of Cass Sunstein

BlueTent, February 5, 2021


In 2009, Sunstein became head of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA), a part of the Office of Management and Budget that plays a pivotal role in approving or rejecting agency regulations. The position was Sunstein’s dream job, to be a pilot in what he termed “the cockpit of the regulatory state.”

Sunstein’s wife, Samantha Power, had been nominated to head the U.S. Agency for International Development, so it appeared Sunstein was jockeying for his own berth in D.C.

Despite that anxiety, Goodwin and Hauser both think the days of Sunstein’s views extolling minimal rules and preferring “nudges” instead of enforceable mandates to achieve good corporate behavior are at an end.

And there are reasons to worry. Kuttner reported on February 1 that Sunstein’s protégé, Jessica Hertz, managed to segue from her job in the Obama administration as a deputy counsel to Biden to a high-ranking position at Facebook and then to the Biden transition team, overseeing ethics considerations. Now, she’s been named Biden’s staff secretary, where she controls what documents land on his desk.

Hauser thinks one area where Sunstein could do harm concerns Big Tech. He fears that Sunstein would support “complex regulatory structures developed by agencies yet to be built,” rather than the more direct action of breaking up tech giants like Amazon, Facebook or Google, which have become big by a “series of acquisitions” and are too powerful to regulate at their current size. Breaking up the companies is the only way to make them “small enough” to regulate, he says.

That’s a “cleaner” solution to the dominance of Big Tech, he says. “That’s the exact opposite of the type of recommendation that Cass Sunstein makes, which is always about a complex series of modest nudges to try to create the least backlash by corporate America.”

Former Facebook lawyer quits as Biden's staff secretary after just ten months in the job

UK Daily Mail, October 13, 2021


"Former Facebook associate general counsel Jessica Hertz is resigning from her prestigious position as White House staff secretary.

It came just days after Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen testified before Congress on a broad range of issues, including the negative impact of social media on users' mental health.

Hertz started her career in politics while serving under the Obama administration, as counselor to the Administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, Cass Sunstein, before joining the Justice Department.

Speaking on NBC's State of the Union Sunday, Facebook's Vice President of Global Affairs Nick Clegg unveiled the new 'nudge' feature, which he claims will dramatically boost the wellbeing of young social media users."

Ex-Biden, Facebook Attorney Joining Shopify as General Counsel

Bloomberg Law, October 26, 2021


"Shopify Inc. has hired Jessica Hertz, who stepped down this month from her role as cabinet secretary for President Joe Biden, to be its general counsel.

A financial disclosure form filed by Hertz this year as part of her return to public service showed that she received nearly $800,000 in salary and bonuses from her role at Facebook, as well as almost $100,000 for serving as general counsel to PT Fund Inc., the official name of Biden’s transition team.

Hertz was also paid $20,000 to be a lecturer at Columbia Law School in New York, according to her filing with the Office of Government Ethics.

U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor officiated the 2009 wedding of Hertz, her former clerk on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, to Christopher Angell. Angell, a former Covington & Burling associate, is now a director of strategy and business development for water technology company Xylem Inc.

The Biden transition team’s decision last year to name Hertz as its legal chief, a position that required her to navigate various ethical issues and potential conflicts of interest, drew scrutiny as a result of her time at Facebook, according to Politico, which first noted Tuesday her recruitment by Shopify."

How can Jessica Hertz not be in the center of this story? It's impossible that she isn't. Impossible. Her role needs to be fully investigated. Your lawsuit, discovery?

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They did the same shit with IRS related memes. Now tell me that was a threat to health and safety.

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How do they spin this? 😜😜

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Time to sue them for trillions of dollars. Let’s bankrupt them.

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