Tell them to stop the shots. They are harmful and don’t work. Also, reverse the 1986 law that gave vaccine manufacturers immunity.

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Tell them to withdrawl the US out of the WHO, or at least their two treaties - Pandemic Preparedness and amendments to the International Health Regulations.

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Tell them to stop all US funding, engagement and acknowledgement of WHO, UN, and ANY PERSON influencing or influenced by the WEF will be considered a threat to US sovereignty and cannot hold a government position at any level...the WEF = CCP....and must be stopped.

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You have to be in front of the Dems that were pushing these lockdowns and mandates. Those are the minds we need to change, and it’s unlikely the subject matter alone will convince them. It comes down to how many voters you have in the Rational Ground and whether it can influence the election of the reps you are seeing.

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I give Justin and company much credit—he’s been very vocal and sane from the beginning—but the Federal government is too massive, entrenched and removed from average Americans’ lives to even understand what the best course of action would be.

Our representatives get dropped into this “swamp” and have about as much chance of getting noticed, let alone affecting change, as you or me. I understand it was different, slightly, before the seventeenth amendment when Senators owed their positions, and therefore loyalties to their home state. Now, they owe their loyalty to the most influential lobbyist. Our current system is simply set up for the individual to be as selfish and greedy as possible. And for power real power to be centralized—the Feds do control the money, of course.

It’s not even corrupt (mostly), it’s the system that’s in place. There are the lawmakers, the lobbyists

and the bureaucrats that never leave and therefore hold the real power. It’s the antithesis of a forum to debate and negotiate ideas that will best lead to a thriving society. It’s all about special interests, regulatory capture and individual advancement.

The Leviathan has grown to truly unmanageable proportions. There is no solution short of tearing the whole structure down that will suffice, or ignoring it and doing our own thing. The Constitution and Bill of Rights have done nothing to reign-in the power of the federal government.

An example: the CDC was created to combat malaria in the 50’s I believe, and now look at it. Another: Fauci got to dole out 6 BILLION dollars. Every. Year.

It’s absurd on so many levels.

The only hope I see is decentralization, parallel societies and local, local, local engagement. (But living in NYC, I don’t hold out much hope for local change either.)

I would highly recommend academy of ideas website, their short films are excellent primers on great thinkers and ideas paired with great artwork—and it’s where I first heard of parallel societies and decentralization.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions…and expanded federal bureaucracies.

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Justin, I sent you funds because it will be good for you to discover how little good this does. I have been doing this my whole life and can really point at no good it has done. You will find similarly, sadly.

But enjoy the depressing experience. You will leave excited by the chatter and at some later time realize that it meant nothing.

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Wow, Dr. K, this is a deeply, deeply cynical reply. I couldn’t agree more with you.

There is just NO fixing a system this entrenched in crony capitalism and a security state with zero accountability and unlimited funds.

But I do wish everyone going a great trip--the weather looks to be Spring-like and pleasant.

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TeroB, I really hate to be a downer...my general affect is upbeat. But I have likely spent a year (over the last many years) doing exactly this. It is all "feelgood" and is set up to be that way. I have made many friends, both elected and staff, and we enjoy each others' company. (For instance, had dinner [just a threesome) with a Senator/spouse this weekend.) There are good people and less good in Congress just like everywhere else.

But thinking that these visits are anything other than self-indulgent is a luxury that can only be taken by those who will only do one or two in their lives. The real work is done elsewhere. The currents that determine what is in vogue or might get traction are so minimally influenced by this kind of activity it is silly. In most cases, the folks will meet with an LA who will take copious notes to be circular'd after the meeting. Might get an LD or two and maybe a member who will look interested but is mostly just marking time for the next meeting. Lots of "so glad you came to discuss this important topic" stuff.

As I said, it is only some time later that one realizes how little impact one made. But you are right, the blossoms should be close to coming out. Might be a week or two early, sadly. But perhaps not.

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1. Immediately remove pharmaceutical companies’ immunity from liability. First established in 1986 with the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, and reinforced by the PREP Act, vaccine makers cannot be sued, even if they are shown to be negligent. Both of these Acts need to be changed so pharmaceutical companies may be held fully liable for the safety of their products, as well as the fact that they must work as advertised and all ingredients must be clearly and accurately listed. It’s the only industry in the world that bears no liability for injuries or deaths resulting from their products and there is no justification for this. The pharmaceutical companies demanding such protection in order for them to continue manufacturing the vaccines is evidence that there was not enough demand for the product. If there was a need and they produced a good product, there would be no issue with demand.

2. Ban vaccine passports and health passports of any kind.

3. Limit all states of emergency declarations to an initial 14 or 30-day time frame and require any extension to be passed by a full ¾ legislative majority and documented justification of the both the justification for, and consequences of, any state of emergency extension. Limit the number of extensions to no more than 2 for a total of 3 continual states of emergency.

4. Prohibit the suspension of individual rights during a state of emergency. Guarantee that individual rights will not be removed or altered by a state of emergency declaration.

5. Prevent government and bureaucratic interference in the doctor-patient relationship. Doctors and clinicians must be allowed to provide care to their patients based on the patient’s individual circumstances and the doctor’s best available treatment options, not some edict from the CDC or government about what drugs or treatment regimens are or are not allowed.

6. Defund the WHO.

7. Enact strict limits on the authority of health agencies at all levels, change them to a guidance role only. This should apply at the local, state and federal levels as Covid demonstrated the irrational and unchecked behavior of health agencies at all levels, which resulted in ridiculous and harmful actions such as taping off playgrounds and arresting parents who took their children there to play, or closing the courts and essentially halting all trials during the lockdowns.

a. The CDC needs to be completely overhauled, as does the FDA, for their dereliction of duty and betrayal of the public’s trust and well-being.

8. Require full safety and efficacy testing, including long term studies and studies on all target populations, and the public release of all data and results from such studies prior to any level of approval for vaccines. Warp-speed vaccine was a horrible idea that never should have been implemented and the results were predictably catastrophic.

9. Remove the CDC guidance that classifies a death as due to Covid without it actually causing the death or having had any confirming laboratory or clinical validation. This change, made specifically for Covid, is what allowed deaths with Covid listed anywhere on the death certificate to be reported as Covid deaths and resulted in misleading mortality statistics. Remove the CDC guidance that classifies a death as due to Covid without it actually causing the death or having had any confirming laboratory or clinical validation. This change, made specifically for Covid, is what allowed deaths with Covid listed anywhere on the death certificate to be reported as Covid deaths and resulted in misleading mortality statistics.

10. Enforcement of existing federal laws meant to protect people from mandates of EUA vaccines.

a. From: https://www.statnews.com/2021/02/23/federal-law-prohibits-employers-and-others-from-requiring-vaccination-with-a-covid-19-vaccine-distributed-under-an-eua/ :

b. "The same section of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act that authorizes the FDA to grant emergency use authorization also requires the secretary of Health and Human Services to “ensure that individuals to whom the product is administered are informed … of the option to accept or refuse administration of the product.” Likewise, the FDA’s guidance on emergency use authorization of medical products requires the FDA to “ensure that recipients are informed to the extent practicable given the applicable circumstances … That they have the option to accept or refuse the EUA product …” In the same vein, when Dr. Amanda Cohn, the executive secretary of the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, was asked if Covid-19 vaccination can be required, she responded that under an EUA, “vaccines are not allowed to be mandatory. So, early in this vaccination phase, individuals will have to be consented and they won’t be able to be mandatory.” Cohn later affirmed that this prohibition on requiring the vaccines applies to organizations, including hospitals."

11. Ban universal mask and vaccination mandates. No government bureaucrat should be able to dictate an individual’s personal health care, force them to get medical procedures, or issue blanket mandates forcing the general public to wear personal protective equipment.

12. Stop all direct to consumer advertising by pharmaceutical companies.

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No more vaccine mandates for college kids. Tell them these mRNA covid shots need to be pulled from the market completely.

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1. Protect the constitution 2. No more censorship. 3. The measures implemented were based on lies and they knew it, those responsible need to be held accountable.

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Tell them “ NEVER AGAIN - NEVER LET POLITICALLY MOTIVATED Bureaucrats POSE AS EXPERTS - new law = national emergency....assemble preplanned (independent) response team(s) to each level 1) policy/executive, 2) strategy, 3) tactical....this is all laid out in the NIMS structure under DHS, we just ignored it, to our own peril.

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I seriously don't have any idea how amazing it must feel to have your wife and your family on board with you on this!! I have lost my 24 year marriage and many, MANY of my relationships in my family and friend groups are severely strained or over because of my stance. I live in a constant state of emotional trauma, after being an amazing mom for 17 years and a successful human for over 50. Otherwise, I would be helping you will your cause. I would be there. Tell then that! Tell them THEIR LIES have destroyed my family. A beautiful, wonderful, amazing family. Tell them THAT! And thank you for all you do.

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Stopping shots and mandates are first priority. The important issue that has not received enough attention is getting rid of the pcr test. That is the tool for creating the fraud. It has to be defined as an assault. Not only is it inaccurate ,it has been used as a continuous threat against people who refused the shot. My neighbors are college students who had to go in twice a week for pcr tests where they encountered the same hateful nurse who shoved the long q tip within a half inch of their brain while saying "why don't you just get the vaccine you piece of shit!"The pcr test has been used incorrectly since AIDS, get rid of it!

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My top asks:

1. End covid vax mandates at any schools and universities receiving federal funding.

2. A Congressional resolution declaring that public health lockdowns and mass quarantine are a crime against humanity and a human rights atrocity that should never again be used in the US (or anywhere else).

3. Say no to the new WHO pandemic accord in its current form. The WHO should act only in an advisory capacity and should have no authority over any pandemic response within the US.

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The Democrats you meet with might be more likely to be persuaded by hearing about what lockdowns did to people overseas. There's this Children of Nowhere film from India. It's not quite 30 minutes long, and the second half in particular is an acute description of what happened to kids in the village portrayed during lockdowns. There's a very good line about them post-lockdowns: "Their grasping power had reduced significantly." I would consider showing them a clip of that specific line. https://collateralglobal.org/article/the-children-of-nowhere/

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Tell every politician to forget banning TicTok, and to END the Patriot Act instead - it is the undoing of our Republic.

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America will never be the same unless there is ACCOUNTABILITY and CONSEQUENCES are visited upon those who lied to us, robbed our freedoms and hurt our kids. DAMAGES should be paid to the vaccine injured, businesses that were closed and unvaccinated people who were subject to discrimination.

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