Re: the "perfect storm" of medical/pschological changes that must have caused these iatrogenic deaths ... of the top of my head, here are many of the key changes:

1. Prescriptions/administration of Remdesivir

2. The decline (by up to 50 percent) of antibiotics for treatment of patients who would have received antiboitics a week before the new protocols.

3. Putting too many people on ventillators (and staffers not well-trained on monitoring the vents).

4. Isolating patients, which kept their loved ones away

5. Sedation of patients so they couldn't protest

6. Over-prescription of morphine and other "end of life" pathway drugs.

7. Sending patients who should be in the hospital back to nursing homes

8. Scaring ill people who should have received medical treatment from going to the hospital

9. The "Nocebo" effect (opposite of the placebo effect). Patients thought they had some deadly virus and this caused some of them to manifest symptoms mistaken for severe Covid - and influenced medical decisions of nurses and doctors

10. Dehydration of patient in severe medical condition

11. No media or press allowed to observe what's happening in ICU or hospitals with patients

12. Use of the 35 to 45-cycle PCR tests to "prove" someone had Covid and thus needed all of these new protocols.

13. Major financial incentives to diagnose someone with Covid, put them on a ventillator and prescribe Remdesivir.

... And this is a partial list.

My take-away is that the novel coronavirus didn't suddenly change and become more lethal in late March 2020/early April ... the medical protocols changed. This is what accounts for the vast majority of "Covid deaths" beginning in April 2020 IMO.

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Absolutely agree and here’s why. I began seeing patients in my office around the end of October-beginning of November of 2019 with symptoms of what we now call COVID-19. All tested negative for influenza A and B, all negative for RSV. Not sure what it was at the time other than some king of respiratory viral infection (which I named the “mystery virus”), I treated patients with either nothing or if they insisted on being treated (which many did) I gave them a combination of amantadine and a macrolide (either erythromycin or azithromycin) which is an old school treatment for influenza and much cheaper than Tamiflu. They all recovered, some faster than others. None of them went to the hospital. No one died.

Nobody started “dying of COVID” until Fauci, Birx, et al, along with the talking heads on TV began TELLING them they were going to die unless they ran to the hospital when they became sick, scaring the hell out of them. The “death counter” in the corner of the TV screen emphasized that nicely. At the same time the protocols that came out started off with telling the ER docs to send people home with no treatment until they returned with severe hypoxia. They were explicitly told NOT to use steroids (prednisone or SoluMedrol) for wheezing/coughing/difficulty breathing, which was completely baffling to me because steroids have always been the go-to medication to treat and control breathing difficulty caused by inflammation of any kind. This is when I knew for certain that the government was up to something nefarious. And it was also when people began to be put on the new protocols (ventilator/Remdesivir/morphine) and dying.

It’s also when I started telling my patients to stay as far away from the ER/hospital as they possibly could. I was able to prescribe HCQ for some and Ivermectin (once I became aware of it) for a few others although that was difficult and eventually became impossible since most pharmacies refused to fill those prescriptions, and 1 pharmacist was nice enough to turn me in to the state licensing board.

In any event, I believe that the virus itself is almost identical to the flu and that the only folks who actually died from it (and not from the protocols) were the frail elderly and those with extremely compromised immune systems. The addition of the Spike Protein was to cause on-going and long term damage to the recipient (turbo cancers, clots, etc) which continue to add to the death toll.

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I wonder how many doctors in America were seeing the same type patients and reaching the same conclusion about the same "mystery virus?" Also, I wonder how many doctors reported their suspicions observations to state health agencies ... and why this info has never been revealed?

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Great and germane info. Thanks a lot. I'm saving this for my research.

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Richard Cox, a writer and podcaster from The Isle of Man, has done exemplary work on iatrogenic deaths. For those who enjoy podcasts, I recommend this recent episode where I was Richard's guest. I don't know if I make any valuable points, but I know Mr. Cox makes many great and highly-articulate points on this and other taboo Covid topics.

I think Mr. Cox deserves a larger audience!


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I look forward to listening to this podcast today. Thanks!

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Thanks ... I think we covered many of the key issues or topics. Richard Cox doesn't use any of the "ah's" and "ehm's" that pepper my answers. He picks up on some key points that might help us win this existential battle. I do my best to make a few contrarian points, or offer a few contrarian theories!

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I have become something of an iatrophobe over the past few years. Even more a pharmophobe.

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Early in the pandemic I made my husband promise that if anything happened to me he would not permit the use of Remdesivir. I am appalled that this drug was given FDA approval. I am a retired physician. I feel that I was completely duped by the FDA, CDC, and the medical establishment. I took the vaccine innocently believing that it had been appropriately vetted. It did not take long for me to realize this was not true. I have not and will not submit to boosters. I am starting Peter McCullough’s detox program.

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May you be well, and thank you for your comment. I hope you will consider writing more here on Substack.

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I believe that many of the people who died in hospitals from Covid-19 where killed by the protocols and not by the virus remdisver ventilator abuse morphine and other life ending drugs were all a part of it.

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With all due respect if a hospital wants to kill an in-patient, they will kill the patient. There are so, so many ways. When my 89 year old Mother got covid and had to go to the hospital they told my sister, her POA, that she was in kidney failure AND wanted to give her Remdesivir. I told my sister not to allow this and she didn't. My Mother was allowed Ivermetin probably because she was vaxed to the max and they really wanted the non-vax to die off more than the vax. So my Mother got to live a few more months as other treatments were denied to her. But at least she had those months, instead of a few days. So I have seen this first hand and it is unbelievable at times that this is going on.

In UK used Midazolam to kill off older patients. I believe they combined that with narcotics. Then sometimes the murderers would use Baricitinib, (AKA Olumiant) which carried a five black box warning. Also they would not allow food/water, force to much air on them, puncture their lungs, not allow visitors as who wants a witness to their murders.

Thank you for doing what you are doing. Wondering if we can make laws to include other drugs/ways to murder people in a hospital though.

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The devil stalked those hallways and rooms. https://media.mercola.com/ImageServer/Public/2023/May/PDF/bartlett-and-crawford-consent-form-pdf.pdf

This is a link to forms that MUST be filled out signed and notarized. There are very specific instructions on how to disperse them, who too and getting your hospitalization wishes and demands on the record with the attention of legal authorities. The killers may think twice then. I’m doing the paperwork right now.

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I just tried the link and can't seem to get it to work for me. May just be my computer??

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Try this. https://www.protocolkills.com/patient-documents

Lots of information as well.

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The FDA and other 3 letter agencies are filled with freakin evil MONSTERS. There is no other explanation. They knew Remdesivir kills 50% of patients it is given to from the Ebola trials, and they ordered it for covid patients anyway. The doctors and nurses could see it was killing most of the patients and kept administering it anyway. They murdered thousands of people including my mother.

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I’m so sorry for your loss. This was absolutely murder.

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It’s even worse than what you’re saying Justin. Someone may have mentioned this as I have not read all of the comments, but Fauci and others knew this from when they tried to give remdesivir to AIDS patients back in the 90s. It had the same effect on the kidneys back then. So, knowing this, what would you call this crime? You can read “RFK JR’s book The Real Anthony Fauci, and what I’m saying is well documented.

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The PREP Act will not protect those who committed these murders or genocide.

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They tried to kill my husband (66 at that time)with Remdezavir in June 21’! Amazingly he survived a week on their $hitty hospital protocol and they sent him home 35lbs lighter at 160lbs (He’s 5’11! I didn’t know it was a killer until I saw Dr. Ardis’s video in early August. His recent ALT/AST numbers were great at 18, surprisingly. Where are the freaking LAWSUITS!!!!!!

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Relatedly, this transcript of two brief excerpts (please consider clicking through to see the video):

Woman Escapes Hospital Imprisonment

We the Patriots USA


by Teryn Gregson, September 28, 2022




TERYN GREGSON: The person we're interviewing today is a bad a*s. There's really no other way to put it. You know I don't like to curse on this show but Gail Seiler is a hero. She broke out of imprisonment, really, in a hospital. There's no other way to put it. They wouldn't give her water, nutrition, they wouldn't give her a different doctor when she requested it, they wouldn't let her leave. Her husband broke into the hospital, basically, and took her out, bypassed the police. This is an incredible story. And it's amazing because she survived. And so many stories that we have told on this podcast, so many people that you have heard over the past couple of years, have not survived their incidences in the hospital. For example, Scott Schara, his daughter Grace, we had him tell her story on episode 22* of this podcast, and you know, she is no longer with us. So we are so, so happy that Gail is, and we're happy that she's telling her story and she's doing some incredible work with the Former Feds Freedom Foundation. They have a Covid Humanity Betrayal Memory Project where they give victims and survivors a voice, they document their stories and help find attorneys that hold these hospitals accountable.

Gail said that since she's started to tell her story she's had thousands of people reach out about how they have had similar instances where their family members have not made it. She's had politicians reach out to her, wondering how we prevent this. We have to hear Gail's story.

And first before we do that I want to encourage you to consider making a one time recurring donation to We the Patriots USA, a nonprofit 501c organization who is working to help victims, help people like Gail. We've helped Alisa Campau who was not being allowed to get a kidney transplant because she didn't have the covid shot, Bill [inaudible] who was denied Ivermectin, they just recently filed his appeal against Walmart. These are big cases, that we can have some big impact with and her group, the Former Feds Freedom Foundation, is also doing fantastic work. So let's dive in to Gail's incredible story.



[podcast show intro]



TERYN GREGSON: It's almost been a year since this happened to you. Why have you now started to share your story? What prompted you to do so?

GAIL SELIER: Well, so when I first, um, when I first, when my husband pretty much stormed the ICU with my daughter and got me out, it took quite a while for me to recover. It took me longer to recover from the hospital abuse and neglect than it did from covid quite frankly, and so the first couple months that's what that was dedicated to. But I did tell my story initially to Crusader Radio and His Glory TV because His Glory TV actually had connected with my daughter to help while I was in the hospital, to help advocate, get her in contact with people. So we did do an interview there.

But I think now there's more people willing to hear it. At the time, there were very few stories coming out. I can remember when we started the Covid Humanity Betrayal Memory Project with Former Feds, I hooked up with Former Feds I think it was in February of this year and you know, initially there was I think like 10 stories out there. And now there's hundreds and hundreds of stories, and hundreds in the queue to be told that our interviewers are working through.

So you know initially, I was like, me and my husband and my daughter said, nobody's going to believe this crazy story we have, this crazy hospital experience we had. I mean, it's like, because you know, something out of a sci fi movie.


GAIL SELIER: And even today you know there were people that were right there with us in the beginning and I have to double-check with them, I'm like, they tried to kill me right? And they're like, oh yeah, they tried to murder you dead.

So it's because it's a wild story. And so. But now I think people are accepting those stories, they're starting to see more and more of them. You know, they can ignore 10 people talking about a horrible hospital experience or death, and especially you know the stories where the loved one doesn't make it, the person's child or the person's husband or wife. There's a bit of a pat on the head, you know, misplaced grief, you know, the doctors tried to do everything they can, and they kind of gaslight. And sometimes people don't know that they're gaslighting the victim. They're just, you know, misplaced grief, they didn't really try to kill your— But when you have a lot of survivor stories coming out, they can't, you know, it gives credibility to those stories, right? Because the family has the view outside looking in, what they went through. But people like me and many other survivors that have come forward since the Epoch Times article* broke, they have the view from the inside. They know what's being said, I know from my own experience, the doctors and the nurses knew what they were doing. They absolutely know what they were doing. There's no doubt about it in my mind.



# # #


Teryn Gregson is a professional broadcaster based in Florida who previously covered golf and is now advocating for health freedom and her Christian faith. For her podcast "We the Patriots" Gregson has interviewed a number of leading figures in the health freedom movement including Dr. Peter McCullough and Naomi Wolf.

Interviewee Gail Seiler is a member of the Former Feds Group Freedom Foundation https://formerfeds.org. She also tells her story in the documentary film, "The Gail Seiler Story"


*Covid Humanity Betrayal Memory Project: https://chbmp.org/ 

*17-year-old denied kidney transplant, fights for patient's rights

7-year-old Alisa Campau was denied a kidney transplant and her parents reported to child protective services after not receiving the jab. This all happening just months after being adopted from Ukraine. CPS backed down after We The Patriots USA stepped in, but Alisa still needs your help. Listen to her heartbreaking story on this week's episode of "Faithful Freedom with Teryn Gregson" as her mother tries to fight for her daughter and patient's rights. 


*Episode 22 Father loses 19-year-old down syndrome daughter to hospital procedures

In one of the most emotional episodes of "Faithful Freedom with Teryn Gregson" yet, father Scott Schara shares the story of his 19-year-old down syndrome daughter Grace, who died in the hospital during the pandemic in October 2021, where even the nurses say she should not have passed away.


*Woman Escapes COVID-19 Hospital Treatment Protocols, Says Others Not So Lucky

by Matt MacGregor, September 15, 2022


See also:

"Unvaxxed Patient: How I Was Rescued From Hospital Death"

by Dan Skorbach

November 22, 2022


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I fought Delta Covid 2 years ago. I went to the ER 3 times to check my O2 levels and chest X-rays. It was a month long battle. Shortly after my ordeal I learned about how lethal Remdesevir was. The hospital never tried to admit me and I was grateful even though I was never offered monoclonal antibodies. I learned a lot about myself and blood O2 levels. A little over a month later my brother had a friend in a NJ hospital with Delta and they wanted to give him RunDeathIsNear. He wanted to talk to me about my Covid hell and so I agreed to talk. I basically talked him out of allowing RunDeath and got him to check himself out of the hospital because they got his O2 level up to 95. I said I would’ve killed for a reading like that. I couldn’t believe they wanted to give him the RunDeath drug after he had 02 reading so high. Now I know why. More money for the greedy “healthcare” industry. I’m glad I saved one person.

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