As it stands today, DeSantis would have my primary vote. Why?

1. Most important is that the GOP wins in 2024. The man who pulled a swing state governorship by double digits is a strong candidate.

2. He has a pro-freedom record in Florida to show how he would handle the presidency

3. He pushes back and easily shuts down the main stream media with coherent, mature arguments

4. Whether we like it or not, there is a significant establishment presence in the GOP on the hill. DeSantis is able to work within that structure.

5. The Deep State will never let go of the desire to destroy Trump. Even if he won, we would see another 4 wasted years of investigations that would handcuff his ability to get his agenda done.

6. The amount of moderates, suburban women mainly, who are solid 'never Trumpers' means even the smallest amount of election interference or flat out cheating would put Biden, or whomever the DNC candidate ends up being, over the edge.

7. We are heading into tricky economic times and foreign relations- we need someone who is willing to make the tough decisions (that will also maintain liberty over all else and uphold the Constitution). DeSantis has proven he will do that (bans on ESG, CBDCs, etc.)

8. Trump lost my vote when he didn't fight against lockdowns and till this day thinks that those horrendous 'vaccine' products were a good thing. (to cater to the folks that want to argue that DeSantis locked down, too. Yes, he did -the difference is that he pulled international experts and looked at other nations' data, saw the trends, and then altered his course appropriately. That is what a strong leader should do.)

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I believe that desantis would make an excellent president. I also believe Nikki haley would make an excellent president. I believe that Trump's time has come and gone and his supporters are living in the past. Times have changed. Nominating trump is the best way to gurantee four more years of biden, harris or whatever horrible democrat that they nominate.

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Regardless of who is on the ticket next November, if we can't fix our broken election system, we are going to lose. At this stage of the game, the more voices the better, but people are wasting their time fighting over their choice when they should be fighting for election integrity.

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I think the Republic benefits more if DeSantis stays in Florida and leads a rebellion of the states. The states could have far more influence on the future of the nation than a single man who will get chewed up by “permanent Washington” (a.k.a. The Deep State). They will bog him down with endless nonsense like they did Trump. It would be a waste of a good politician and the waste of a golden opportunity to restore the balance between Washington and the states.

Stop waiting for Superman -- he will get here some time after Godot.

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What now? If you're in Florida because it rejected medical tyranny consider renting, not owning.

Meet Florida Lt. Governor Jeannette Nunez. Who would complete the remainder of a vacated Gov. DeSantis. Who is she?:


"As a state representative, Nuñez broke ranks with some members of her party on immigration, sponsoring a bill that allowed undocumented students to pay in-state tuition rates at colleges and universities. "Don't hold these children responsible for something they had no control over."


"She supported legislation that extended state lawsuit protection to university doctors working in public hospitals."


"Nuñez rallied support for GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney in 2012 as a member of the “Women for Mitt” coalition."


"Wake up Florida voters. Trump, is the biggest con-man there is.

#supportsKKK” and “#nevertrump.”"


“...Nuñez later entered the health care industry, working as the vice-president of government affairs at Jackson Health System. Nuñez also worked for Florida International University as an adjunct professor and advisor. She also served as the vice-president of external affairs at Kendall Regional Medical Center and Aventura Hospital & Medical Center, until becoming the lieutenant governor of Florida.”

Between the DC consultants Gov. DeSantis has surrounded himself with and who he selected as his #2, judging someone for the company they keep rather than their words is a dangerous proposition.

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I don't see why anyone supporting medical freedom in the least bit would find Nikki Haley (who required vaxx cards at her events) and Tim Scott appealing. They both had platforms to speak and said jack, for years. They continue to say nothing and learned nothing whatsoever from any of it, as far as I can tell. Trump's pro vaxx, pro lockdown, pro mask, pro Fauci, etc. record makes him entirely unpalatable to such a level that I can not understand why anyone reading Justin Hart would be able to tolerate the man at this point. He also appears to have learned nothing and continues to congratulate himself for maybe the worst macro-level decision making in American history.

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We are very disappointed that after we helped to re-elect Ron Desantis as our Governor, he had no intention of honoring his commitment. We believed his words and feel betrayed to find out he’s just another lying greedy politician putting himself and the elites first. We will not support him and think this is a career changing mistake. He had the support of the regular people but screwed up by taking bad advice from the wealthy elite who he will now have to serve. God help us.

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I want a President who will assure us a Medical Freedom Act, Never lock us down again, secures our borders with fairness to those potential legal immigrants already in line, hold all businesses to the same accountability no matter how large and powerful, pursues accountability with regard to every part of the Covid fiasco, stands up to the echo chambers of lying media, is business like and professional. Honestly a serious, sort of “boring” but outstanding administrator of the business of the country without prejudice and drama. I’m exhausted, frankly. Life HAS to be about more than this hyper vigilance towards the abusive, malignant and seemingly unassailable powers, controlling our lives.

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Trump makes the elites commit unforced errors thanks to their irrational overreactions to him, that's why I support him. He offers what America needs: acceleration.

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DeSantis is the way!

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DeSantis + Musk = Not a Good Smell

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Have DeSantis’s supporters investigated his relationship with Soros? What exactly is Ron DeSantis’s position on Ukraine?

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My state has open primaries, no party registration. In 2020 I requested a Dem primary ballot in order to vote for Tulsi. I will do the same next year and give my vote to RFK Jr. Trump was terrible during COVID, starting with his idiotic "what Sweden's doing is crazy" remark. As terrible as he was, I would still be happy with a President Trump or a President DeSantis. Prior to COVID, my #1 issue was geopolitics. I will never vote for another neocon in my lifetime, and give credit to Trump for mostly eradicating them from the GOP. There is a lot that I like about both candidates, and I'm not looking forward to the next year of mudslinging. It's going to get very ugly to the point it will likely weaken both candidates' chances of beating Biden. On the other hand, I would like DeSantis to have a chance to correct the record on COVID and point out the disastrous mistakes made by Trump, Biden, and the entire public health/medical community. Most of the candidates in the race are running for 2028, not 2024. Assuming Trump wins, I think DeSantis would have been better off waiting until 2028. You never know, but I have too many friends who will vote Trump and no one else.

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Well it's unsurprising. Glad he is in officially. I am not as sour on Trump as you are and can support either of them. But the more candidates in that I can find myself supporting (Tim Scott also) the better.

Let's see if Trump can limit his attacks on DeSantis to policy and accomplishment points. If not, DeSantis will pick up some steam heading into the primary.

Tim and Ron should agree to some vigorous yet respectful debate and they will grab some Trump votes.

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He has my vote. He has demonstrated good leadership time and again. He is articulate, measured with his words, and knows how to handle the media. I think if the GOP becomes the party of DeSantis, the GOP will grow fangs and a spine to really get things done, and stand up to the Democrats and the media. DeSantis also runs a very tight ship, and hasn't had constant leaks unlike Trump. Trump did a lot of great things as a president, but always managed to ruin things for himself because he can't get out of his own way. Yes, the media was very unfair to him and lied time and again, but he often made it worse for himself. At this point, he is damaged goods and half the country hates his guts. If the GOP wants to seriously win, they need to move on from him. But DeSantis also needs to find a way to get past Trump in the primaries, especially since Trump will double down and throw even more mud at Trump.

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If DeSantis wins, all those people who moved to Florida in the last 4 years, can kiss that state good bye. It won't stay in republican hands, for very long.

This is why we (regular, middle class, conservatives) always loose. We play the short game. We never look down the road. All those cheering that Heavy D (that not a slight - it's props) is running, miss that he could have set the example and built momentum for other governors' built an alliance or coalition of governors that passed similar or the same types of laws in their respective states - so their effect is synergistic and thereby taking more states.

Instead, if he wins, aside form Florida falling - being stolen - you will get 4 years at best. 1 year will be spent getting his cabinet organized. The next two will be trying to push his agendas. The last is a lame duck year.

That whole time he will be constantly attacked - by both sides of the Unipart and the deep state DOJ and intelligence apparatus.

Don't forget, it was a Republican controlled Congress, for Trumps first 2 years and you see what that got him.

If we keep trying to hit homers, every time we're at bat, we will continue to strike out. We make this mistake ALL the time and the left does not. They play the long game and continually gain ground, every year. If you don't believe it, just look at the world around you...that's not the work of conservatives.

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