Wow!! No words!

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These are criminal offenses -- why is nobody in jail yet, including St. Obama?

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So do all of these scumbags get thrown into some local jail hell hole for 3 years without being charged for interfering with the democratic process?

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The 'communists'[Luciferians] have taken over evidence by 80K 'lost children' at the border and ~2K during the Maui 8/8 holocaust, not until installing ethnic gangsters at the key choke points like Police and Governor! (They've done the same at the AG, ATF and FBI!)

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https://x.com/TuckerCarlson/status/1722034150595522695?s=20 -- OUTSTANDING

Lavrov: The USA is the Evil Root that Needn't Be Uprooted; a Chemical Solution Exists - Nov 5


My favorite terms are “Empire of Lies” and US is Root of all Evils” – terms used by intelligent and thoughtful Putin

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As usual, great work, Justin. I see your report lists Tracy Beanz, the founder of uncoverDC.com, as one of the targets of the disinformation censorship project. I've written many (true) stories for UncoverDC.com - all on contrarian Covid topics.

However, I think the main reason Tracy was targeted for de-platforming was because of her stubborn belief that the 2020 elections were (let's say) suspect. Furthermore, I think the "weapon" that was most effectively used against her was an effort to (vaguely) tie her to the "conspiracy group" QAnon.

On my Substack, I wrote an article postulating that it was the censorship group "Media Matters" that probably got Tracy banned and de-monetized from Twitter and other social media sites. This article, by a wide margin, was the least read article I've ever written (based on "reads," "likes" and "reader comments.")

My take-away is that I shouldn't have even referenced QAnon in an article. While this is my least popular Substack article, I still think it might be one of my most important articles. I probably could have done a better job developing my points, but the main point I was trying to make (how censorship is achieved) is vitally important IMO.

Here are a few excerpts from this article:

"That is, there appears to have been a conspiracy to censor large numbers of people …. by using more farfetched conspiracy theories against them."

"…. Based on research for my (feature story on Tracy's treatment), it became clear to me that a man named Alex Kaplan - a “senior researcher for Media Matters, focusing on social media misinfo/disinfo & online extremism” - is one of the leaders of the movement to keep Americans safe from harmful disinformation and “conspiracies.” When it comes to calls for media censorship, Media Matters definitely matters.

"… A couple of years ago Kaplan seemed to spend most hours of most days lobbying that anyone remotely connected to the “conspiracy” group QAnon be censored. With the help of other prominent journalists and news organizations, he accomplished this mission ..."

"... My take-away from my first dive into this topic is that censorship advocates have leveraged people’s alleged endorsement of unproven or “wacko” conspiracy theories to ban people who are really spending most of their time and resources trying to draw attention to other “off-limits” scandals. That is, there appears to have been a conspiracy to censor large numbers of people …. by using more farfetched conspiracy theories against them."

"... If you’ve ever made any of the above claims (and I’ve made them all), you are a Covid conspiracy theorist (and should be banned, de-platformed, de-monetized, cancelled and permanently smeared and disallowed from sharing any opinions or producing any journalism that might reach large numbers of the public.)"

IMO the ruthless disinformation work of "Media Matters" deserves far more attention from those of us who are concerned about rampant censorship and the effort to silence important contrarian voices.

Here's my article for anyone interested.


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Jim Jordan is an imbecile. He riles up drama to get attention and he has solved zero problems. He did nothing to open schools or the economy during the shutdown. He wore masks and he got vaccinated. When he found out he could get attention, he ran his mouth.

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How else were they going to steal the election?

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