I haven’t read the doc but am curious about government policy such as:

CDC redefining what a vaccine is

FDA mocking therapeutics like Ivermectin

Granting EUA status to mRNA jabs when granting such status is illegal if alternative therapeutics are available

Illegally forcing military personnel to get jabbed with an experimental drug

The granting of immunity from liability to Big Pharma

The incentives by government for hospitals to kill patients with Remdesivir and ventilators

FAA changing requirements for pilots to allow those with heart problems to still fly

Incentivizing states to lockdown with the bribe of federal dollars

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I read their section on therapeutics. It was obvious to me that the Norfolk Group has completely swallowed Pharma propaganda as conveyed through fraudulent RCTs and overly trusting journal articles. In short, they seem to have missed the profound corruption motivating the pandemic. See, e.g., https://pierrekory.substack.com/p/fraudulent-trial-on-ivermectin-published

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Jay Couey should be part of that group. He works for RFK Jr

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