I'm old enough to remember when hospitals were concerned about the overuse of hand sanitizers and antibacterial soaps. Resulting in "superbugs" resistant to medical treatments. Warning about overuse creating the rapid evolution as microbiological threats that could survive alcohol and other sterilizing chemicals, faster than normal evolution would allow.

And then, 2020, those cautions were thrown to the wind. Never mind about a little passing poisonous air and poisonous water in Carson, California. Microbiology that spreads all over the world, untreatable. seems a bit more concerning. But it didn't matter. 'Cause, the flu.

Increasing tolerance of hospital Enterococcus faecium to handwash alcohols

Science Translational Medicine, August 1, 2018


Superbugs: Everything you need to know

Medical News Today, November 21, 2019


Strange but True: Antibacterial Products May Do More Harm Than Good

Antibacterial soaps and other cleaners may actually be aiding in the development of superbacteria.

Scientific American, June 7, 2007


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what did any of the green hysterics have to say about this? where was greta doomsberg? john kerry and his merry band of "special humans" who are saving the world?

i was hit by a car on feb 25, 2020 and when the "pandemic" started, was in a wheelchair. at one doctor's appointment (deemed essential), my boyfriend was not allowed in. the patients stood outside, 6 ft apart, waiting for their turn at the hand sanitizing station and a crack at answering stupid questions like "do you have a fever?"

when it was my turn, i said in my loudest voice "I WON'T USE THAT STUFF! IT CAUSES CANCER AND POLLUTES THE WATERWAYS!" oh dear, a troublemaker.

i said i would wash my hands in the ladies room with good old fashioned soap and that was an acceptable compromise.

the vast empty waiting room, probably 50' across stood between me and the soap. somehow it was ok for me to wheel myself to the ladies room, my hands gripping wheels that had recently been in the outside dirt and gravel. you can throw off a lot of viral particles in 50.' the covid woman accompanied me but did not touch the wheelchair. of course it would have been cleaner on my hands (and less work for me!) had she pushed me, but i guess she was only there to make sure i didn't go rogue.

she stood outside the ladies room while i ran a bit of cold water and shook my hands dry. does anyone actually use that awful soap?

everyone was satisfied with the charade and as far as i know, there were no deaths caused by my inadequate hand hygiene.

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Good article, except for the last two words, which I doubt. Hand sanitizer, like masks, social distancing and lockdowns were designed to scare us. "If the government is even recommending hand sanitizer for use outside of hospital setting this must be very bad indeed." If they could have persuaded us to stop breathing, I have no doubt they'd have tried that too.

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The road to Hell... indeed. I am so done with cooties theater.

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My chiropractor and I were joking around during the early days of the scam. We both could envision the next health threat, this time a real one. Cancer via hand sanitizers.

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I never bought into the hand ‘sanitizer.’ They have carcinogens.

And, I wouldn’t put it on when confronted by the signs on all those obnoxious store tables demanding you use it. Soap and water works quite well.

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Safe and effective hand sanitizer. Or was it "your hand sanitizer protects me, my hand sanitizer protects you"?

I remember in spring 2021 Sam's Club giving away packs of hand sanitizer at the door. Maybe those were also bad batches.

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Meanwhile I got the inside info real early and by March of 2020 started using a spray bottle with Lugol's Iodine and water. In my nose, eyes and mouth several times per day, Never caught Covid. And I work retail and was exposed to people all day every day.

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They tried making my children use that shit every day before they would allow them inside the gate at a school in San Francisco. I had to walk with them every day to the gate for three weeks until finally, the principal meet with me outside prior to my arrival so as to not make a scene. She told me the kids need to use the sanitizer otherwise they can't attend school. I explained that the bathroom has soap (not sanitizer) and my children wash their hands every morning prior to leaving the house. She continued to argue with me stating this is different than soap. To that, I agreed. I told her I don't even now what that cheap shit is that's likely made in China. Besides, I don't use sanitizer and neither do my children, we only use soap. Eventually, they realized my twins were not going to use sanitizer and would continue to wear bandanas as a mask worn under the nose only so they could breathe fresh air through their noses. The only positive that came out of this whole fucking criminal event was the fact that my boys learned how to breathe through their noses.

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I never once sanitized anything, including my hands. Anymore beware; if it's approved by the FDA, it is poisonous to your health.

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One of the worst parts of the covid scam here in Canada was the stores that forced you to use that nasty stuff before entering.

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One of our local distilleries in central Mississippi, that makes vodka, gin, and bourbon, was authorized to produce hand sanitizer. They gave it away for free at public distribution spots, drive up and they'd hand you a bottle. Nastiest-smelling sanitizer EVER. The word spread quickly, and soon they literally could not give it away. No one wanted that foul stuff.

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Wow! I didn't even know about this incident. What an absolute mess.

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Seemingly for decades before 2020, we were told that hand sanitizer was all but useless. This story was almost as popular with bored TV consumer reporters as swabbing various things around the house and sending them to the lab to reveal that – horrors! – item X from your kitchen has more germs than a toilet seat!

We were told over and over that the experts said that the only way you'd benefit from hand sanitizer was if you rubbed it on for 10 minutes and then followed up with soap and water. Hahaha! You dumb rubes keep throwing your money away on hand sanitizer! Hahaha!.

Then suddenly in 2020 it was an essential "tool" in fighting covid – because now the experts and the New York Times said so.

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