Believers will say it was not due to vax, it's all Long Covid. It does not matter how much truth comes out. Coincidentally, in early to mid 2020, I had a GI problem with weight loss. In my workup I had an abdominal ultrasound and the technologist saw some of my heart and thought something was wrong. So I had my heart worked up. The cardiologist I saw was a young guy, seemed open-minded about possible causes for GI problems. Test results showed my heart was completely normal. He brought up the topic of the upcoming Covid vaccines. I had recently read an article out of some non-US country where the regulatory health agency was not captured and it reported cases of myocarditis in young men. I mentioned this to that cardiologist and his face got stern and he said he couldn't wait until the vax was approved for kids so he could give it to his 4 year old daughter and 6 year old son. He went from appearing to be an open-minded caring physician to a stern religious cult member in one second. Believers are scary people. I'm sure his business is booming now and there's NO WAY he tells them it was the vax. In fact I think he sincerely BELIEVES it can't be the vax.

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December 10, 2021

(hat tip: https://t.me/covidvaccineinjuries)


WOMAN: [I'm sharing] my story so that if something's happening to you, you don't overlook things and you get seen.

So on Thursday the 18th of November [2021] I received my second [points to shoulder to indicate injection]. And I was feeling OK, up until 5 days ago, I started having heart palpitations and when I first had heart palpitations I initially thought, you know, like, ooh, that feels different. I thought maybe it's a bit of indigestion, maybe I was just tired. And I tried to think of all the things that could be causing my heart to race. And I had feelings like my heart was jumping out of my chest. I'd have dizzy moments where I'd feel dizzy and get hot flashes and I'd start feeling real sweaty.

I actually put up a post on on Facebook just saying, you know, that I can't really sleep, and this was two nights ago and quite a few people started commenting and messaging me, saying, you need to go to the doctor, you need to be seen. But if you know me, I'm also a registered nurse, so I'm pretty stubborn. I have an auto-immune disease, I've been paralyzed in 2018.

I finally went after having heart palpitations, I started getting a bit more conscious I guess and scared when my chest started tightening and so yesterday I decided to go to the doctors. And they took one look at me and told me that I need to go straight to the hospital. So I did, and when I got to the hospital, within 15 minutes they had stripped off my clothes, were taking bloods to run blood tests, and having a ECG, a chest x-ray.

I was sent to that part of the hospital where it's allocated for those who have been [points to shoulder to indicate injection] or had the [points to shoulder to indicate injection], and so I got sent to that part of the hospital. And I was like, man, why are you guys running all these tests like I'm having a heart attack? Like, I don't really fit the criteria of someone who's having a heart attack. I'm young, I'm fit and healthy, I exercise daily, I don't drink alcohol, I don't smoke, I don't take recreational drugs, I don't take any drugs. I don't take [unintelligible]. And so they were rolling out everything for me but, yeah.

They basically diagnosed me within an hour of my bloods coming back saying that I had pericarditis.

They have told me that this is because of my second [points to shoulder to indicate injection] and my heart is really inflamed, and it's swelling, and so they sent me home today with three different medications to bring down the swelling on my heart.

I'm on 24/7 watch in case I have a cardiac arrest.

The part that I guess really scared me is I was actually the seventh patient that they had seen yesterday. They say it's rare, that it's not really common that people get pericarditis or myocarditis. It's actually really common. I was the seventh person yesterday, and so that sort of freaked me out.



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Wait, but the "expert" fact checkers just said Lebron's son's issue couldn't possibly be from the vaccine. Far more likely to be from Covid itself. Who to believe? LOL. How do they expect people to buy into their BS? I guess some are just gullible.

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Notes From The Future:

July 20, 2029

I Asked My Son Today

If He Remembered The Vaccinated

And He Laughed So Hard ...

That He Coughed One Of His Computer Chips Out.


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They always wanted to create a two-tier society separating the vaccinated and unvaccinated, and now it seems that they have succeeded, only not in the way they envisaged.

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Why was our government just as zealously committed to promoting the vaccine as it has been for decades in actively promoting abortion as a women's health alternative? Certain unpleasant words come to mind like neo-Malthusian and depopulation--but surely our federal government promotes the vaccine and abortion for purely altruistic reasons, there's no duplicity in our federal government...but wait.

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The study does not say 1-in-36 Booster Recipients Had Vaccine-Associated Myocardial Injury.

"No definitive case of myocarditis was found. All cases were mild" per the study


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See also irate Dr. John Campbell a few hours ago. We’ll see if You Tube cans it.

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