I just knocked out a short article about our Censorship Industrial Complex as well. This one includes a 2-minute video produced by The Department of Homeland Security that everyone should watch.


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Thank you -- this is truly outstanding !!!

It once again illustrates the central role Stanford University played in illegal government censorship and defamation of prominent medical experts.

And still -- nobody yet in jail and nobody even fired yet -- spying and censorship activities are still ongoing in preparation for 2024 fraudulent elections as they clearly were in 2020.

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Oh boy...congress is really gonna get on the ball. Yawn.

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Absolutely brilliant analysis of what's been getting more scary as the years of secrecy and control become more aggressively controlling.

No hope that the pathetic puppets in the UK government will even realise that Bill Gates's CORRUPT World Health Organisation intends to take over the world's freedoms with their bogus Treaty!

How can so many humans be so dumb for so long without noticing the man-made Medical Catastrophe that they call Covid, along with the deadly injections they call a VACCINE?

Some of us with a brain didn't believe any of the lies about Fauci's man-modified Covid, its lethality, the sudden and mysterious disappearance of pre-existing SAFE anti-viral medicines like ivermectin, the useless injections they call VACCINES, the Lock-down nonsense, the 'excess deaths' and the increasing human illnesses caused by the depopulating injection CULL. All of the aforementioned stupidity collectively crippled every nation financially, and has permanently impacted us all = perhaps forever.

Those who believed and participated in the biggest medical travesty in history, may regret their naivety and consequential submissions forever?

We will never forget!

Never again with they be able to instigate the biggest and deadliest Medical Crime in history.

We now know the World Health Organisation has been CORRUPTED beyond credibility by finances donated by 'crackpot' benefactor, Bill Gates with his enormous 'contributions' which entitles him to 'call all the shots' and, create reasons to enforce more controls and mandates that will make his dominance over the population.

Gates has said recently;

"The most lucrative investments I ever made were in VACCINES" and

"The next one will really get their attention".

Join the dots and you'll realise he's 'invested' in total control of those left alive following his involvement in the creation of Covid and the (useless and DEADLY) depopulating injections (they pretend are 'VACCINES').

ZERO LIABILITY is the biggest clue that skulduggery is behind the adverse events - post-Covid.

We the people hereby declare the (Gates-corrupted) World Health Organisation is no longer relevant and ceases to have any authority to dictate any 'rules, laws, mandates or instructions to mankind!

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed because I joined the dots to live longer!

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