This is exactly why I will never forgive and never forget. And don’t think this is over, we now know how ignorant a very large percentage of our population is and how easily, no willingly, they are to be manipulated, lied to, and even call for the murder of their neighbors in order to “stay safe” and to follow whatever they are told.

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...“The hospital billed over $500,000 for Tony’s treatment and they couldn’t even find someone to give him water,” Patty said. I notice that Patty can’t talk too long about Tony without breaking into sobs. “He was my best friend. He was my partner. We did everything together.” ...The purest indictment for murder I have ever seen. Speaks volumes for the current medical mafia. They rape your wallet until they find a way to murder you. There is no way to reconcile this tragedy.

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Thank you for this. It is so important to get the word out about these atrocities.


Kissimmee, FL Press Conference: Your Story Counts — The Untold Atrocities of COVID-19,

October 13, 2022




PATTY MYERS: This is really hard.

FEMALE VOICE: You can do it.

PATTY MYERS [holding up photograph]: My name is Patty Myers and I'm from Winter Garden, Florida, and I drove my husband of 31 years to the death chamber. They used to call those hospitals.

The government, hospitals, and some doctors, are out there trying to put fear into people to do what they want them to do and I am frankly tired of it. They bullied me in the hospital by asking me over and over, was I in the medical field? They mandate protocols, Fauci in particular, I won't even refer to him as a doctor, and ignore any of the patients' rights.

My husband Tony went into the hospital just to get a little oxygen. He was dipping in the 80s for his oxygen. While he stayed in the ER for more than 12 hours with no oxygen given, he sent me a text saying, quote, they are trying to figure out a reason to keep me here.

He said his oxygen was OK in the 95s and 98s. His hospital records show that as well.

Why did they keep him? Well, they figured out the reason. That was Remdesivir. He got it early the next morning. Within 48 hours he was getting worse. They kept giving him more oxygen, flooding his lungs. They didn't allow me to see him for 5 days.

Hmmm, Remdesivir is a treatment for 5 days.

Hospitals isolate. This is not misinformation!

I demanded to be let in to see him when he was steadily getting worse those next four days. They let me in. I couldn't believe how he looked. He looked exhausted. They weren't letting him get up at all, he was using bed pans, he had not been bathed that whole time. He was also sleeping on a ripped, holey mattress.

Hospitals neglect! That is not misinformation!

That day, I demanded Ivermectin and they made fun of it. They said they didn't have it. They said it's not an approved medicine for covid. All were lies.

He was increasingly getting worse on BiPAP* and high-flow oxygen. After a week of being there they were pressuring hard to have him get on a ventilator. He wasn't even on the most oxygen at that point. They kept saying, We have done the protocol, there is no other meds to give you. The ICU doctor later said, He should have been placed on the ventilator when he was doing better.

My husband was panicking.

Doctors lie about meds that are available. That is misinformation how they say that those aren't available.

I finally got a doctor to say yes Ivermectin after he was there in the hospital 10 days. He made major improvements after getting his lifesaving medicine. The day he got it, he couldn't eat, he couldn't sit up, he was on 100% high-flow oxygen. Within 3 days he was off the high-flow oxygen and he was only on 6 liters of regular oxygen. He shaved, he asked me to bring Chipotle, and he told me he was healed. They said he would be going home in a day or two. Three days before this, they don't wasn't going to make it and he had to be vented right away.

Doctors say the only way to live is to be vented. This is misinformation!

I'm almost done. Sorry.

He was moved to ICU right after because he had a shortness of breath episode which he had in the early morning. He was pushing the button to say help and the nurse wouldn't answer, no one came, he kept pushing the button, over and over, no one came, so he had to start screaming for people. After that they stopped the Ivermectin and they were hard and strong now about the ventilator and how he wasn't going to make it. He was only on 40% high-flow at that point.

He was in the hospital another 10 days, they wore they wore him down by their words and actions. He saw bodybag after body bag pass his room. One day it was five. He begged me to call the nurses and close his blinds. He begged for ice and water over an hour, no one came to bring him some. The last week he wasn't given food, either.

The doctors wouldn't give vitamins C, D, or zinc, they said it was not proven to work. We both begged for Ivermectin to be continued and increase the milligrams, but they stayed hard and strong about him not getting it anymore.

Hospital administrators said Ivermectin is not proven to work, as well as high dose vitamins. This is misinformation!

Hospital administrators are telling doctors what they can and can't prescribe. That is truth!

I met his doctor after my husband passed away and he said, quote, He died because he didn't get the vaccine. In my husband's ICU half of the people that were in there, I asked each family, they were vaccinated, they were boosted and they still died. That is truth!

The government incentivizes the hospitals to use these things that kill. That is truth!

The hospitals are profiting from the murders of our family members. That is truth!

They murdered my Tony, they refused to honor his patient rights, and right to try. He called [?], he called the governor, he emailed the news media, including Channel 9—- that I appreciate they were here earlier, but left. There is no other local news media here right now. And you're cowards! To tell the truth!

No one responded. My husband was only 55 years old, and I have known him since I was 19. He was funny, he was the love of my life. In less than 4 weeks from having no problems at all he was gone. He died on September 9, 2021.** I watched him slowly suffocate as many doctors and nurses stood there saying that there's no more meds to give him.

Stop the fear tactics! Stop the lies! Let's show our loved ones' faces and remember how brave they were to sit there and watch doctors and nurses not give proper care and needed meds to heal.

We are not standing for it anymore. My husband didn't deserve to die, and he certainly didn't deserve to be treated the way he was for weeks in the hospital.

And I want to read Luke 18: 7-8. Will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones who cry out to Him day and night? Will He keep putting them off? I tell you He will see that they get justice and quickly.

Today we are here to share the truth and I hope you'll stand with me. Thank you.



# # #


*BiPAP is a form of noninvasive ventilation therapy.

**Joseph Anthony "Tony" Myers' obituary is at this link:


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Their stories need to be told. FLCCC has videos of similar stories.

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I will never forget and I will never forgive. My father had a clip

Procedure for a leaky valve in 2020. It was working great and he was doing well. After the “jabs”

The clip started leaking and couldn’t be fixed. He began losing weight, his dementia increased dramatically and he eventually stopped eating. Then he fell. One month later her was gone: I still blame that stupid fucking shot. I stand with Dayna and Patty. I knew early on that the vents were a danger. I said it over and over and although I’m a resp therapist (not practicing in a hospital at the time) no one would listen. Now here we are. Shameful.

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All trust I had for the medical industry including pharma is irretrievably lost. I am now anti-vax and pro-natural remedies. May God heal the hearts of those who were abused by “health care professionals”. May these evil & greedy perpetrators see their victims faces in their end days & may they rot in hell forever.

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My 50 yr old husband was also murdered in the hospital after given REMDESEVIR! He suffered on life support, ECMO, Dialysis, chest tube, suction tubes, etc for almost a month before his body gave out! No one should have to die like that FOR GREED!!!!! Our family, like so many others, are devastated by the loss of such a good, honest, hard working man who was a great husband, father and grandfather!

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This is murder.

Not error, or protocol, or malfeasance.

Those "doctors and nurses" deserve to hang.

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OMG this is absolutely horrifying!!! My heart goes out to all those whose loved ones were murdered, I can't imagine how they feel. They will NEVER get over this horror, NEVER. I'm sharing this article with my doctor (who is a very good and decent man) and everyone I know. We all need to know about this horror. May God have mercy on the souls of these criminals (if indeed they do have souls) - because I sure won't.

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i know "stella paul." she was devoted to her husband and i'm have no doubt that without her care and love, he withered away. she blamed NY Governor Cuomo for his insane nursing home policies. a friend's elderly mother fell victim to NJ's horrible covid nursing home protocol with fully half of the residents (roughly 35 out of 70) dying within two weeks. my best friend was murdered at Columbia Presbyterian and her sister was killed by the J&J shot.

what is the penalty for mass murder?

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Thank you Justin for sharing the article and getting the word out about this tyranny first hand. It was awful to watch my husband suffocate over weeks with the "workers" aka as doctors and nurses standing by saying "there are no more meds".

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Thank you for this. I will watch it this weekend.

Thanks also for the link to Open the Books report. Or should I say, "Thanks for the link to the Open the Books rabbit hole!"

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A hospital in Houston killed my mother with their protocols. She walked in after a fall and they killed her with Remdesivir and vents. And they made $180,000+ in "bonuses" to do it. I want justice too. I'm hoping to hear about lawsuits against the Houston hospital that killed her so I can join.

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You hit the nail on the head !!! Hospital mergers occurred and continue to occur to form these giant corporations, who don’t care one bit about patients. The executives are making millions . They fired employees who figured out their game . Follow the money 💰 always .

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May 26, 2023·edited May 26, 2023

“and this is the important part to keep in mind: authoritarian fascism becomes its own constituency.

it does not matter if it works.

it does not matter if it makes sense.

it matters that it keeps the power it took.

it will not release its grip when it is wrong, it will tighten it.

that is the game we're playing.

plan accordingly.“ —@boriquagato

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Death penalty all around for these freaken mass murderers.

then sue

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