Sub “intentional” for “unintentional”. There were no “missteps”. Virtually every single western, so-called “leader” threw out decades of reasonable pandemic planning to enforce tyranny on purposely.

They KNEW masks don’t work, that a respiratory condition cannot be contained, that lockdowns would never work, that there was a 99.7% survivability for the vast majority of all ages, that herd immunity is superior & thus you indeed “let it rip”, they knew the “vaccines” were not properly trialed over many years for efficacy & safety & that in prior efforts the animals ALWAYS died, they knew the authors of the Great Barrington Declaration were RIGHT. They knew all of this & more & did it anyway. And they aren’t done.

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None of it is "Unintended" . Its a well planned ( many years in advance) worldwide military grade PSYOP

Dr. Michael Yeadon: Every Single Thing We Were Told Is a LIE

'The “Vaccines”Have Killed Millions... Personally I No Longer Believe There Was Any Novel Respiratory Virus... If we can’t persuade people of that, humanity is going down'


ZERO Evidence of Transmission of Respiratory “Viruses” - ScienceDirect

They’ve been lying to us for centuries by presenting the unsubstantiated germ theory as a scientific fact. The “germ theory of disease causation” is a Fraud



" Make no mistake, we are currently being assailed by a worldwide fraud of such scale and malevolence that it threatens our very existence as we know it on this planet "


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Unintended my ass. We knew. They knew. All this destruction and loss of liberties was so unnecessary.

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All the wrong-doing truly takes your breath away

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Mar 21, 2023·edited Mar 21, 2023

Well written article with some good points, but some not so good points.

"unintended consequences"? That's quite an assumption that I see no reason to make, since the looming consequences were obvious from the beginning.

It seems the author thinks loss of public trust in institutions is a bad thing and should be repaired. Actually, the institutions are intrinsically corrupt and untrustworthy, always have been, always will be. The loss of public trust is one of a few silver linings to the 3 years of insanity.

Any non-COVID vaccinations that have been missed are a net health benefit, certainly not something to bemoan.

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Preach, Justin. Preach. This destruction will know no bounds..

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This is great! Do you want to come on The Jonathan Kogan Show? https://jsk.transistor.fm (also @kogz on Twitter!)

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I wonder how many people remember how the ALWAYS ON BLUETOOTH feature was enabled in your phone firmware by both Android and Apple ecosystems.

This enables out of band data signalling from your phone when it can connect to a different phone that can disguise the data your phone wants to send as an i-Tag location data packet. This data is not secured as such and the new neural engine is tasked with checking if you have any compromising pictured of the president or your children at the lake house or sauna.

Not to mention that the i-Tag product was surprisingly mature just a few months later where it would have not needed developing if phones mostly do not have their blue tooth switched on.

Remember how a few dollars would buy you an emergency pair of earbuds and now you pay many tens of dollars for a disposable rechargeable pair of earbuds that also force you to leave your BLUETOOTH switched on.

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