There are no real world wide health emergencies caused by viruses and other health related events. The real pandemics and emergencies are caused by toxic big pharma drugs, vaccines and mRNA substances.

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A simple interpretation is that the WHO seeks to be the world's regulator, and each member state seeks to do what they always do; engage in successful regulatory capture.

We already witnessed this in action over the last three years, but have escaped some of the worst-case scenarios because national sovereignty took precedence. We would have no comparitors, no control groups if the WHO succeeds in breaching sovereignty.

Considering the mounting death toll resulting from WHO errors and manipulations, we have more than enough evidence that allowing them any further concentration of influence and authority is extraordinarily ill-advised.

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There are several things to consider here (correct me if I am confused about anything):

1) There's the issue about how treaties have to be approved by Congress

2) I understand that the vote on these changes won't happen until 2024. The WHO has been lobbying the African countries who derailed this nonsense last time, but since they are waiting until next year, the lobbying probably hasn't been going that well.

3) We already had our own Federal, State and local government pull this sh*t. Will anything the WHO says make things worse next time?

4) If everyone ignores this, what is the WHO going to be able to do about it?

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Anyone foolish enough to don a UN blue helmet needs to understand that they are good for target practice in the patriotic parts of the US.

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