We've Lost Our Ever-luvin' Minds: Virtue Signaling

Pew research recently conducted a poll asking Americans what gives their life meaning.

1 in 20 people responded that COVID did. 😲

Virtue signaling is the domain of those who have nothing else to live for really.

Today, we bring you some of the worst examples of blinding virtue signaling lights from Covid.

Dan Rather never met an draconian measure he didn’t love:

Mom’s putting a virtuous spin on Elf on a Shelf is just about the worst thing ever:

The NY Post highlighted these Christmas decorative surprises from last year via our very determined friends in healthcare. Wasn’t there a shortage of PPE?

Then we have all of the virtue contained in the juicy goodness of a vaccine. Remember how the previous generation was a little bit shy about the scar left by the polio vaccine? Not this one! They want to remember it for time immemorial!

Nothing says I’m better than you than donning a mask for no particular reason at all and then posting a photo of it online to demonstrate that virtue!

What are some of your best example of virtue in a time of plague?