This article landed! I specifically appreciated how you addressed the issues of 'tested positive' with a test that has significant issues - to the manifestation of 'disease' presumed to be caused by the 'virus'. As you noted -- "This particular virus can cause a disease called COVID-19 (“Coronavirus Disease 2019”)" but yet the 'test' is what we measured and with that we conflated the significance of any 'public health' impact.

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"Deaths were counted with the widest-possible latitude ensuring a prominent psychological impact at every turn prompting policies mirroring population concerns."

Deaths were counted with the widest-possible latitude ensuring a prominent psychological impact at every turn prompting populations to align with mitigation efforts already planned by those in power.

There. Fixed it for you. It is a perfect example the Hegelian dialectic being used to implement change in a pre-determined direction.

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This is a literal case of the cure being worse than the disease.

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And…mail-in ballots.

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Completely agree that they’re playing God & just getting started....

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Great synopsis. Thanks.

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Hmmm. Are you so sure about "yearly wave of respiratory viral pathogens" and "Wave after wave of virus variants"? Sure, that's what we've been taught, but those same people also taught "safe and effective."

Could the seasonal flu be a bodily detox triggered by the change in atmospheric conditions? If a virus is so contagious, why doesn't everyone get sick? Why have flu vaccines never actually worked? Why wasn't Rosenau able to infect anyone with the 1918 flu?

What's is the false positive rate on a PCR test (of anything) with a cycle threshold > 35? How did Drosten sequence this virus, without a sample? How do they actually genetically sequence all the variants of this "virus"? How did massive volumes of Covid-19 test kits get ordered in 2018 and 2019?

Why were the worldwide pandemic response measures 95% identical country to country? Would anyone anywhere have noticed any pandemic if the TV and social media were left off? Why were states, businesses, hospitals, nursing homes, doctors and media provided with huge sums of government (taxpayer) sponsored bribery as a reward for playing along with the narrative?

What's actually in the vials? Why are some injection batches much more deadly than others? Why hasn't mRNA ever before been a successful therapy on any animals or humans? Why do nano lipid hydrogel particles look like a "spike protein" under an electron microscope? Why have over 20 independent research groups found graphene and unusual, self-assembling particles in the vials?

What ACTUALLY happened? Worldwide fraud and intent to harm (both physically and psychologically), perpetuated within the hegelian dialctic as part of the plan for totalitarian world government targeted for 2030.

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Great points, mostly on target.

I'd just say that there is no 'virus' to begin with.

That's the 'beauty' of this masterfully crafted PsyOp..


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Agree 100%. I've said all of these exact same things in my various writings over the past few years. I'll add that as a former US Army NBC Officer (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical), I am an expert on masks, filters, and biochemical agents. I knew from Day One that mask mandates would be a failure, primarily because the masks available to civilians would be completely ineffective, and secondarily because 99.99% of people lack the discipline to wear them and wear them properly. The only masks that could have been effective against a pathogen like CV-19 are military-grade gas masks, and there are not that many to go around. Even then, you can't wear them for extended periods, for multiple reasons. So why have mask mandates at all? Simple. 1) It was a big experiment to see how well the population could be manipulated and controlled; and 2) to show the population that the government "was doing something", and to give them "hope". Educated people knew better, but were routinely shouted down. This whole event is one reason why I continue to say that critical thinking skills in the US Schools are a disaster and need to be focused on and taught.

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You missed out the bit where a lab virus was released deliberately which they had tested to be extremely lethal, probably more than 5% death rate...... But once spread began in the wild it fizzled faster than the Titanic and seeing as the spooks were all in, balls to the wall on their fkg garbage vaccine passport narrative, which was already openly pressed right at the start long before there was even an understanding of the virus much less any vaxes available......

They just carried on bulls1hting to the max and try to push the agenda.

That is the only logical conclusion to draw at the end.

Obviously a lab virus and obviously wild spread is impossible to test and obviously the plastic made in China Fauci funded garbage fizzled out, because natural spread at lower concentrations to healthier people allowed immune system response to occur much more effectively than imagined in test subjects that snuffed it quickly.

This is too obvious.

You can either make fast spread or nasty lethal, nature doesn't allow both very well cos the time when someone is infectious also requires symptoms and if the virus is lethal the person is too sick too fast to spread anything.

HIV, Ebola, West Nile, Sars and Covid are all lab creations trying to install the vax pass paradigm. All failed.

There's plenty of evidence for this. They also tried several times to push vax passes with Swine Flu 1976 and 2009.

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Here's what I don't get. Why did so many believe the narrative and go along with it? I know so many just parroting the narrative, even to this day. I noticed what this was. Some of my friends and colleagues did. The readers here obviously did. How did more not see it?

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Climate Change was not going to jumpstart the Great Reset. Frightening Governments and the People with a novel virus, that spreads asymptotically, with a high mortality rate, did the trick. With Emergency Powers and Puppet Leaders (Biden, Trudeau, Macron, Etc.), the Great Reset has traction. But, a significant portion of the Population (the Awakened) were not fooled. The Awakened need to be the Warriors to defeat the Great Reset.

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An excellent summary Mr. Hart. I would, myself, go so far as to say the climate change hoax was the beginning. Unfortunately, it didn't ramp up as quickly as they had hoped and people who go outside were beginning to question the narrative. Plan B - covid.

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And those of us who smelled the stench of deception just stood by gawking in disbelief....

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Very good but he misses a couple of points. The shutdowns and social distancing is what actually created the "pandemic" It interfered with herd immunity allowing the virus to take hold and start mutating since it didn't burn out in one season like most do. The vaccine was designed to help the mutations along. It's knows science you don't vaccinate during a pandemic. He also misses the point that most of the covid cases in the beginning were actually flu cases. The PCR test couldn't differentiate as the CDC admitted and there is no way the flu dropped 95%. But this happens every year with the older population only the media isn't there to exaggerate and dramatize it.

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Both hoaxes:

1) the Covid-19 mortality hoax

2) the vaccines effectiveness hoaxe

...are proven by this original method:


...But even if someone 'gives a like' then soon continues to ignore it. No assistance from anybody from the U.S. has ever been given when writting it, only ignorance or insults from silly ones.

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