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Helpful Translations for use during the COVID Dumpster Fire - 3:

CDC used to stand for "Centers for Disease Control," which sounds like a scientific organization.

CDC now stands for "Continually Deceiving the Citizenry," which serves somebody, apparently. #FollowTheMoney

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Why, it's almost as if we were lied to. But the government and its agencies would never do that, would they?

So this piece notes 60+. I'd be willing to bet the number of suicides and murders and even traumas from MVA's and other and other accidental deaths that were/are counted as SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19 are a hundred times higher.

If liar, liar, pants on fire were a thing, DC would be a pile of ashes and state capitols would be smoldering piles of rubble. Not one thing mandated as relief worked and the things that worked were hidden or outlawed.

When in the course of huma events...

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When hospitals are monetarily incentivized per positive test, vented patient, and deceased patient, this is the result. Hospitals wanted paid and the government was dolling it out.

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I’m disappointed you say they “had covid “. What they had was a positive test proven repeatedly to have almost all false positives.

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They only count those that are listed as the underlying cause of death -UCOD (last line on Part I)

Your list is may be from death certificates where COVID is mentioned elsewhere on death certificate.

For example with the 700 + accidents mentioning COVID only 28% were listed with COVID as the UCOD

The numbers are minuscule compared with total COVID deaths reported. More problematic is the financial incentives for listing COVID as UCOD when they died of heart attacks or strokes. Harder to contest them w/o autopsies which were not done

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How do they know these people even had Covid? Did they do the test on the dead body?

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Did the CDC record them that way because the hospitals recorded it on the death certificates that way too? Or are they recording it that way regardless? Just curious

Hospitals were/are getting boatloads of money for recording patients with covid, treating them for covid and for death certificates saying covid. Some states pay for $400k+ for checking all the covid boxes. A hospital in Houston made $180k+ for killing my mother with Remdesivir and recording her cause of death as covid. She went in after a fall, and ended up dead. And the hospital made $180k in bonuses.

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