Dr. Jay chimes in on the vaccine and its impact (or lack thereof) on the pandemic itself

He was far more eloquent than I was describing this...

If you subscriber here you know we’ve been watching the path of the pandemic very closely. In September we doubted whether vaccines are REALLY helping quell the pandemic curve; we discussed local San Diego data showing that something isn’t really working as we expect it to; and over the weekend we examined even more data showing that there does NOT seem to be any rhyme or reason behind the vaccine data attaching it to cases, deaths or hospitalizations.

As I noted on October 7th: “My opinion: vaccines help individuals but because vaccines are NOT sterilizing and DO NOT stop death they will not impact the waves of COVID-19.”

Well, Dr. Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford has entered deeper into the discussion of vaccines today quoting from one of our O.G. members of Rational Ground “Don Wolt”

His quote again is FAR more eloquent than I put it:

“There is a lot to learn from this graph, but most obviously, the COVID vax does not stop infection. The vax provides a private benefit (protection vs. severe disease), but limited public benefit (protection vs. disease spread). So what is the argument for mandates?”

Let’s keep digging over the next bit but this is a viable and well-supported opinion to hold.