Rational Ground by Justin Hart
Rational Ground
Astounding AI Adventures: Unraveling the Future of Technology

Astounding AI Adventures: Unraveling the Future of Technology

From Image Generators to Artful Authors: Exploring the Capabilities of Modern Artificial Intelligence

Transcript (excerpt from The Justin Hart Show)

referenced in here are ChatGPT and Midjourney. You can find more info on my NEW Artificial Intelligence interests at HelloAI.Substack.com. And of course, the dining experience is here :)

On top of that, though, the world is experiencing one of its most amazing technological revolutions I have ever witness. And I think you'll be amazed at my next sort of lessons here around, of course, our old friend artificial intelligence, because everyone is getting into the game.

Just this week it was announced several different new tools that are taking the country by storm. You've probably seen some of these. One of them is called Mid Journey and it is an artificial intelligence image, generat. And it's really good. In fact, I've been posting pictures all week to my Twitter feed and I've been saying one of these things is not like the other one of these things just doesn't belong.

And I'll post four pictures and let people try to guess which one is actually real and they can't get it. I posed a picture of my daughter on a scooter and then four other daughters that were not mine and not real on the. And people couldn't tell which one was different. Now it's not that smart because at one point I said, make me an image of a five year old G girl on a scooter after a rainfall the night before.

And so it, it dutifully did. So it gave me four pictures of five year olds unlike. A motorized scooter with helmets just blazing down the road. I'm like, okay, wait let's be clear on this foot scooter. Foot scooter. I said, oh, I get what you mean. And now I felt a little bit safer about my daughters.

But those little six year olds zooming down a crowded highway on their scooters, those looked as real as they can. Stay with us. I have some more news on this. It's gonna be fun.

Look, you know something is crazy wrong about the world sometimes. You see it every day around you. From crazy covid policies to government censorship, a rollercoaster economy in the growing wave of powerful technologies. That's probably gonna impact your life, definitely impact your kids' life, and for sure it's gonna impact your grandkids.

And that's why I'm here. I'm Justin Hart. I'm the host of the new show on K C B Q, the answer, 10:00 AM Sundays. Let's help you get grounded, helping you make sense of the world.

Oh, I'm hungry. Are you hungry? Are you hungry? I'm always hungry and I love the culinary delights here of the San Diego area. Let me introduce you to this really interesting experience. This is Santiago Mendoza and he is the hidden culinary gem of Southern California. He's a master of ceviche and he is created a sort of once in a lifetime dining experience at his remote farm.

East of San Diego past Powerway. Now he started his cultural journey in the hills of Peru where he was trained by traditional family chefs. He's since honed his skills in the Andes and he's fusing these ancient techniques with innovative, modern twists to create the most extraordinary ceviche dishes, and it is Farm Ce.

Delmar is an. Invite only sanctuary where he grows and sources his own ingredients. Each Cche dish is crafted with the freshest catch of the day, complimented by vibrant home Glo grown flavors. So are you craving more tantalizing culinary secrets on this thing? So here's the first course. This is called the Andi Surprise.

Tender slices of yellow fish. Tuna are marinated in an ahi Amarillo infused tigers milk. They're plated with cholo, avocado, and a drizzle of Moya sauce and the dishes, an explosion of colors and textures and flavors. I'm just reading this out here. Here's the second ceviche course. Lima Knights. It's called Fresh Sea Bass, cured in a blend of lime, ginger, and garlic, topped with thinly sliced red onions, racotto pepper, and concha corn, a perfect balance of tangy, spicy, and crunchy elements.

The third ceviche, the Sacred Valley Sanctuary is what it's called, a mix of scallops, shrimp, octopus marinated a traditional . That Tiger's milk, again, I guess served with Peruvian black mint sweet potato and quinoa, a nod to the rich cultural heritage of the Andes. And of course you can't forget the the complimentary chips to go with it, right?

They are Peruvian potatoes native. Purple, yellow, pink varieties, thinly sliced, delicately seasoned, and fried to a golden perfection. And none of this is real because I had AI create me a fictional farm, east of Powerway, and I just said the only prompt I gave it was the person is a master of ceviche and it spit out the rest.

And in fact, if you go to my, if you go to my Twitter feed, Justin underscore heart, you'll see the actual pictures that it rendered as well. I have actually, I started a ck called food ai.ck.com and I'm just I, it takes me all of 10 minutes over a night and I basically just say, Here's a prompt.

Let's try this. And it starts spitting out the rest. And you could not tell the differences between these pictures. He's got one here, which is the Incan eclipse, a grand finale of buttery swordfish cured and rich, dark and mysterious squid and lime Marin. I can't, I gotta stop now. My wife got really mad at me when I did this the other night cuz she's you've gotta tell the truth on this.

I just think it's a great experiment, so you hope you'll forgive. Because these tools that are coming out very quickly and they're making dramatic changes, and there's gonna be some jobs that are gonna go by the wayside. Two of the extremes, the first one on the list, there was a study done this week that talked about which jobs were gonna be most impacted by this, and they said probably court report.

And that's true. You can take basically the words of what was transpiring, and it will basically transcribe that for you. It knows the different voices and that's gonna be a job of the past in many ways. On the other extreme, there are jobs that will probably not be affected by this.

Like one of them mentioned was windshield repairmen probably not gonna be affected by these chat tools, these AI tools. Was caught with a empty bag because all of a sudden they realized, All of the sort of tools and tips and tricks that you've learned over the last, what, 20 years trying to use Google, right?

Those are all gone by the wayside because you can use natural language to ask these questions. So they came out with their own chat, G p T tool which was called Bard. So you go to bard.google.com, you can sign up for the waiting list to get on there, and I got an early invite into that to take a look.

What was happening there. So I decided I was gonna put this to the test. I was gonna try out these different things cuz I know a bit about a literature. I studied comparative literature. It's college actually, and I'm a bit of a writer. And I wanted to know because that's really where it excels at.

This image generation is gonna blow your mind. But since this is a radio show, I'm gonna stick to the verbal essence of what we're talking about. So it was granted access to. Dot google.com. And then you have this company called OpenAI, which created chat G P T. And that is basically the tool that everyone's been talking about that I've been telling you for the last two months.

Now, usually when they test these things out, they use this blade runner inspired approach, right? There's a church on its back. Do you turn it over? And they're trying to glean out Harrison Ford style of the person before you as a robot, an artificial intelligence or not. But I thought I tried different tact with the prompt that I would, given.

That's how these things all work. You prompt it with something and then it spits out what it thinks is next. Think of it like, on your phone. You have that autocorrect or autofill fe feature, right? And it, the, it, it tells you basically what it thinks your next word is gonna be.

So think about that on steroids, right? A and so what I asked them was a very, unique question using a technique. And this was the question I gave them, the prompt was write me a story about a caterpillar who grows up to be a butterfly. The story is composed in reverse chronology with a sad ending.

Now, this is the tactic and strategy used in Christopher Nolan's film Memento. You might also remember it from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, or my favorite Sondheim's musical Merrilee. We roll along. The plot starts at the end and then rolls back to the beginning, and in many cases, it's a tragic.

Or an interesting story in that regard. So I gave each one of these tools first. I tried the old version of chat, P G P T, cuz this was just the old version. This was two weeks ago. It's called 3.5. All right. So the prompt again was I want you to write me a story about a caterpillar to grows up to be a butterfly.

But the story is composed in reverse chronology. With a sad ending. So Chad, g p t 3.5 says The butterfly lay motionless on the ground, its wings crumpled and torn. It was once a beautiful creature soaring through the skies with grace and ease, but now it was barely recognizable. So right off the hand, it's got something wrong here.

It's killed the butterfly. It's not the butterfly. That's sad. It's the sad disposition of probably being a caterpillar or something along those lines. Only a few hours earlier, the butterfly had been flying over a field of wildflowers. It's wing shiming in the sunlight, but then it was suddenly caught in the spiders.

I, I didn't say anything about a. What's going on here? And so it goes on and it was kinda mad. They it basically uses sort of technique. It says to start the next paragraph. Before that the butterfly had emerged from its chrysalis, next paragraph. But before that, the butterfly was a caterpillar.

That's cheating, that's lazy. That's middle school writing. Okay? So I said, Google Bard, give this a try. Gave the sign prompt. Give me your short story about a caterpillar that turns into a butterfly, but it's reverse chronology. The caterpillar was once a butterfly. Should I do a different Google voice? The caterpillar was once a butterfly.

It was a beautiful butterfly with wings of blue and gold. It flew through the air free and happy. But then one day the caterpillar was captured by a child. The child took the caterpillar home and put it in the cage. The caterpillar was sad. It missed its freedom. The child fed the caterpillar, but the caterpillar did not eat.

It just sat in its cage, sad and lonely. One day the caterpillar died. The child was sad. He had not meant to hurt the caterpillar. The caterpillar was buried in the garden. The child planted the flower of the grave. The flower was blue and gold, just like the caterpillar's wings. The child never forgot the caterpillar.

They always remembered him that they captured him until they died. It was sad at. I'm trying to mimic the speed too, and Barn was super quick. It just spit that right out. But then I didn't ask it to do the next thing it says is, here's a version of the story with a happier ending, and I won't give it to you.

I said, I didn't ask for that. Why did he give that to me? Then I went to Bing, and Bing has its own. Microsoft has its own little thing that's built into its browser. I'm not gonna go over that. Used the same sort of technique of just looking to the past. In fact, it gets confused between the butterfly and the caterpillar.

Didn't quite get. But here is the prompt or the response for the newest version of chat g p t from the company. Open ai. This is G P T 4.0. Once upon a time, there was a beautiful butterfly who fluttered through a lush screen meadow it's wings adorned with brilliant colors. It was a warm, sunny day and the butterfly was filled with joy as it danced among the fragrant flowers.

The butterfly found itself drawn to the vi vivid memories of its past, feeling a strong connection with the other creatures of the meadow as a sword over the grass. It recalled the moment it emerged from its chrysalis, the thrill of spreading its wings for the first time, and the odd felt upon discovering the beauty of the world around it.

The days grew shorter and the weather turned. The butterfly took refuge among the leaves of a sturdy oak. Its once vibrant wings now dampened it with the autumn chill. As it rested, the butterfly felt the first stirs of transformations. Its wings began to shrink and its vibrant colors slowly faded. Now that is really interesting folks, and it goes on in like manner.

In fact it parallels the seasons. The bird going from spring back into the caterpillar ends in winter. I think that's fascinating that it got that. Now, to be accurate, it's more of a Benjamin button story, right? But it works. It's a reverse chronology. And it did it, it got the assignment. It got it right.

And so that's the sort of advancement that we're seeing on these things. In fact, I have to. Emotion where it's helped me immensely. In my day job, I do fundraising for nonprofit groups, political candidates, and I had this incident, it's this, these chat tools have really helped me. I'll feed it a whole bunch of winning text messages.

I do fundraising over text messages and it spit out like the best hub, right? I said, oh, that's terrific. Helped analyze them. Told me that when I use emojis, it probably does. Told me that when I use a first name, but it's this is great. This has really giving me some good insights. And then I was getting lazy and I had a new client and I'll make up the city so I don't, reveal who it was.

But let's say it was Chicago and or let's say I actually was, it was Philadelphia. And instead of saying Pennsylvania, I said Philadelphia, so I was replacing the state with the, or I was placed the city with the state or vice versa. Anyways, it knew from who the candidate was that I was talking about the wrong thing, and it basically said, Hey, just so we're clear, this particular candidate does not oversee the city of Pennsylvania, of Philadelphia.

I think you meant to say Pennsylvania. I said, You are absolutely right. It's getting a little smart there for its britches, but that's okay. The thing you need to know is that all of these things are coming into play in a time where there is huge financial uproar and it's gonna be really interesting.

Curiously, over the last run where we had some real big financial problems, 2007, 2008, do you remember what happened around that? It was Steve Jobs, wasn't. It? Is Steve Jobs and the iPhone in 2007. And that revolution was quite incredible. It changed the mobile phone industry. It changed personal computing forever, and so will we see that same sort of exciting uptick in innovations.

It spawned the Apple store and it was light years above Anything else. And right now everyone's coming out with these things and it's really interesting, all the coding that you do for websites and everything else, you simply just say, I'd like a website, please. In fact, the founder of OpenAI showed this his weekend where he took a pen and he sketched out a website that he wanted to see, and he took a picture of it and fed it into chat G P T, and it fed out a.

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