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Justin Hart on the Andrea Kaye Show - Part 1 - Covid; Shannon Joy; AI and more

Justin Hart on the Andrea Kaye Show - Part 1 - Covid; Shannon Joy; AI and more


Justin Hart: [00:00:00] Welcome to the Andrea K Show, she's blonde. Five two and 102 pounds of dynamite in a dress. Here she is, Andrea Kay. "It's a woman's world".

Oh, I am not Andrea Kaye. Not at all. I think that's obvious. Maybe put two or three of Andrea Kay.

That's me. No I'm not that big. But look, my, my name is Justin Hart. I'm the newest host here at K C B Q. The answer I'm just thrilled to be with you here tonight. Mike show airs 10:00 AM Sundays in San Diego here and people have been sending me very kind notes like, What gives you the right

What kind of gumption do they have to give me a show here? Look I'm still asking that question myself. And you too might be asking that same question by the end of the night because we have some crazy segments, some [00:01:00] amazing guests coming up, wait. Reverse that. We have some crazy guests and amazing segment.

Either way, this may end up being a great night for all of us. A quick note on myself again, my name is Justin Hart. Many titles. Businessman, political Consultant, airline Entrepreneur, musical Theater, aficionado, artificial Intelligence, Inquisit. Father of eight. Yep. Author of the book Gone Viral, how Covid Drove the World.

Insane. Oh. In M A M I T they dubbed me the leader of the Anti Mask Network. And that's a title I wear with pride. I don't wear it. I don't wear it like they forced us to wear all those masks, but I do bear. That title proudly. You heard that right? I'm the father of eight kids.

Six kids, stepfather to two. It's a Brady Bunch scenario. We have three kids together. My wife Jenny, and I she is two older, I have three older kids, and with our three youngers, that makes eight. [00:02:00] Did you get that math? , did you get you're better at math than Dr. Fauci is.

I, I'm from the Bay Area. My wife was from San Diego. I'm backed two generations. She goes back four generations, so she went out. San Diego is our home. I'm so glad to be with you, and here's why they gave me the show. Not a healthcare expert. That's not why they gave me the show, but just laying that out there.

And normally I'm a data guy. I wouldn't typically insert myself into someone else's domain. when it comes to all things covid related, for example, but the powers that be are health over LORs. They had no problem inserting themselves into my domain. They closed in on my business. They closed my business, my church, my kids' education, my health.

My, my grocery store, my gym, my coffee shop, my barber, you name it, there were, there was some government entity right there with strangling, [00:03:00] regulations or in order to shut down the thing entirely. My business was killed outright. I'm an executive consultant by day radio show host by night, apparently, and for a host of various industries.

In my day job, they were flat gone. I help nonprofit groups, political campaigns, but my fort is, I help them visualize how they're performing with really rigorous data analysis and kick butt charts and everything else. But at the beginning of the pandemic three years ago now most of my income came from running companies that offered.

one was exclusive golf excursions for baby boomers. Don't laugh one-on-one consulting for college bound kids again, but just stop with the laughter and a high-end vacation club for wealthy families. Yes, we're all laughing. Those three businesses we're right at the top of things that were going to die on the vine within the first few weeks of the lockdown.

And they did, but pandemic killed that side of my, my, my life altogether. And [00:04:00] so I, I had some time in my. I'm not one to sit around and I threw myself into the thing that everyone was talking about, the Corona, the Coronavirus, and basically when I looked at the. It didn't make sense. So I formed a rag tag, bunch of Battlestar Galactica analysts, chart makers, lay activists who were ready to be rid of our health overlords and their stringent commands.

We called ourselves a rational ground, and eventually we started publishing daily content to our ck to our website on Twitter and we would become one of the leading voices. Of reason team reality, as we called it, A Against the Insane Covid policies. So since the failure of PCR testing and their ridiculous handing of age stratified risk, They didn't know what they were doing.

We started making interactive charts and we were trying to show people how they could get their lives back, [00:05:00] trying to tell our leaders. That was main venue there. And we caught the eye of a few people, including Dr. Scott Atlas at Stanford. And so when Dr. Atlas was called to the plate, There in DC with President Trump tried to write the ship.

We were his main crew in the back end every day from the summer onwards in 2020. We were just there trying to provide facts, charts, data, whatever we could and those charts were televised nationally. We were very proud that we were changing things. The election kind of skewed things off there, unfortunately.

And just like sa, Ron's eye. Lord of the ring standing, scanning middle earth for the ring of power. They started looking at us. We were making an impact. So they came after us. They took down our Twitter accounts, they took down our Facebook accounts. They suspended us for wanting to unmask our children, but we kept the fight going.

We'd sue them and we'd win a couple times. So here's what you need to know, and this is [00:06:00] why drives me. This is what drives me to the mic today. Someone broke America. something kinda wrecked the world. And in this nightmare, neighbors have turned into a agoraphobe. Teachers fear their students, children are muzzled, citizen censored.

It's like dystopian fictions come a reality. And these unelected officials started creating and are still creating a biometric police state. Oh, and people were starting to mask up their cats and dogs. You didn't imagine that actually happened. Don't let anyone gaslight you that, that actually happened.

And that's the consequence of a world gone mad. And in truth, much of this insanity didn't start with coronavirus pandemic. It was already latent in big government and big corporations with left to spend. And it's not gonna end. If it ever does, COVID 19 weakened the immune system [00:07:00] of America altogether revealing this sort of decaying underbelly of confusion and panic.

Unease, cowardice, and that cowardice that turned viral as much as the virus did. And in fear, our health overlords filled that gap and they threw the pandemic response book away. They. Beyond all reason to try to protect every single person the same way, and then they ended up protecting no. I'm from massive over testing to ridiculous universal plexiglass installs.

Stay at home orders, stay away from school orders, masking mandates, vaccine mandates, to some of the worst restrictions on our civil liberties we've ever seen. This is an epic story that poses big questions about America's future. As a free society. I'm so glad to to have this spot on Andrea's show tonight as a guest host.

The odd thing [00:08:00] is about these last three years and we're coming up three years, I think it's almost to the date when those first magic words of a lockdown happened. But here we are, three years later and it happened oddly to a, in a virus that's considered looking across the history of things moderate by pandemic standards.

This is not a re. Of the 1918 Spanish, the average age of death of someone who died of Covid, sadly was 80 years old. But imagine if it was what we saw in 1918 where the average age was 29 years old, kids being failed, the equivalent of millennials falling day after day. That would've been devastating.

Instead, everything was basically your risk of dying, of covid was the risk of dying of anything else at any age. Today I wanna sift. , those sort of broken shards of the world around us and document how we lost our ever-loving minds. Now, you might have [00:09:00] heard a few weeks ago, , the folks at the World Economic Forum, they, they gathered in Davos, right?

A and here's the context of what happened. Every year, humans endure this flu season. It's a period denoting the high watermark of that year's wave of respiratory viral pathogens. And believe it or not, we still have strains every year. The 1889 Russian Flu, the 1918 Spanish Flu, the 1957 Asian flu, the 1968 Hong Kong flu, the 2009, if you remember, H one N one.

All of those pathogens are still with us, the ebb and flow each year. But in 2019, this novel pathogen appeared and it wreaked a lot of havoc. The short story out, a sterile version was that we had to act this way, but here's what actually. Global elites ramped up this significant effort to reshape the world and address a host [00:10:00] of what they saw as inequalities, even imagined boogeyman like climate change.

And these global elites were bolstered by a host of. Really corrupt institutions. Everything from the W H O big pharma companies and world wealth and health players like Bill Gates a and with the emergence of this new virus, these groups produced and pounced on that vulnerable moment. And things just went wacky from there on out, they disrupted businesses.

They threw trillions of dollars at the question. They started a massive testing regime to build the largest catch of widest possible covid infections they could, and then that trickled down. Hospitals were the first point and last point of care. And then deaths were counted at the widest possible moment as well.

Governments were paid off. Global deterrents was crafted to ward off any pre hospitalization treatments, right? It had to be you if you got sick with Covid, [00:11:00] you either waited to get over it at home or you got sick enough to go to the hospital. Everything in between was verboten. And government mandates ranged from the, the stringent to the.

You could lose your bank account north of us here in the great white north. They fell in and one fell swoop a and children, our children were targeted with this. And now that the truth is out, that they were wrong on so much of this, they were wrong on transmission. They are wrong on the fatality rate.

They were wrong on plexiglass, on masks, on vaccine efficacy, on vaccine bandaids themselves. What did they get? They're trying to gaslight you a little bit on this thing now, and so it's being employed that they need to cover it up. So what covers it up? Best War covers it up really well.

That would be one interpretation that you could have, and that would be in some terms, [00:12:00] unspeakable a few years ago, even conspirator. Oh, we've got all the evidence for it now. That actually happened. The world went insane and that's why I'm passionate about taking to the mic tonight. And we'll have a couple guests to bring you our first one coming back from the break.

Be Shannon Joy from the Shannon Joy Show and she's got a story for you. Hold your stomachs. Hope you didn't eat a lot of meals, cuz it's gonna make you angry. This is Justin Hart on the Andrea Kay Show.

You are listening to somebody who tells it like it is. Andrea Kay on the answer, San Diego. This is Justin Hart filling in for Andrea tonight. I'm the new host here at K C B Q. I'm waiting for my hazing. It hasn't happened yet. I'm expecting some bucket of Gatorade to come [00:13:00] in after this.

Maybe not, cuz I got my laptop here. I wouldn't wanna ruin that. What always brings a smile to my face, even if my laptop is ruined, is my next guest. Shannon Joy, just the name itself. Shannon. Welcome. To the Andrea K Show and it's so good to be with you.

Shannon Joy: Justin, it's so good to be with you too and I love that you're going old school, the original gangster of podcasting and rumble and all the stuff we do on Twitter is like AM Terrestrial Radio.

I love it. I'm on AM out here in New York State on the 50,000 WA Blow Torch News Radio, WHAM 1180 am. So my heart is always with old school radio, so I

Justin Hart: love that you're doing this. It's fantastic. You can't see me right now, but I'm throwing up gang signs. I'm original gangster. There you go. No, Shannon, you and I have connected over the last three years on numerous accounts.

We've also commiserated together as are accounts. Our. [00:14:00] Social media presence was just ripped from underneath us. You only just got your Twitter account back. You were hiding in the weeds. Until then, both of us have been in the trenches, but you came up today with a credible sort of news story with a couple other people.

And this relates to the infamous testing that went on for the child vaccinations of the Covid 19 m a vaccines. Give us just a low down on what transpired and what's happened now.

Shannon Joy: Sure. Just like our relationship blossomed out of the dark days of 2020 when everyone lost their minds. Justin.

. And in that time, those of us who were on Twitter at the beginning found each other. And so I found amazing people like you and also Naomi Wolf and I began to collaborate a little bit. She's been on my show multiple times and we follow each other's work. She is in the [00:15:00] process with her organization, daily Cloud, along with Steve Bannon in the war room.

If people don't know, has taken on this massive task of just pouring through the 55,000 pages a month that are coming out of the Pfizer document dump. So Pfizer was, Forced to release their documentation about everything that went down in the clinical trials that they needed to conduct in order to get their fake FDA approval.

And so they wanted to keep those documents that they submitted to the f FDA secret

Justin Hart: for 75 years. 75 years. Yeah. They were gonna trickle it out by piece, but they got them to throttle it up. . Yes.

Shannon Joy: And you have to ask the question, why on earth would it be so important to them to keep it secret for

Justin Hart: 75 years?

The latest releases are out. And what was this one that we've uncovered, or at least we've divested into it and it seems like something is amiss here, especially towards the child [00:16:00] vaccinations. Yeah. Yeah. So

Shannon Joy: what Naomi found in report 54 was that there were reports in the Pfizer documents of children I believe 61 children that were.

By the mRNA Pfizer vaccine that were reported in these documents, which is insane because it's illegal. It is illegal to test or to experiment on little children. This is before the FDA approval, yet they have children suffering facial paralysis and strokes, babies as small as two months old. So that Jo, that's horrific enough as it is, but it jogged my memory.

Back to two years ago when I was here in Rochester, New York, university of Rochester Medical Center is a tethered organization to the NIH and Anthony Fauci, and I remembered like Freeman and Yellen and, kicking up pots and pants. . They were about to test before these vaccines were approved.

They were about to experiment on [00:17:00] babies. As young as, yeah,

Justin Hart: Six months old. And so what parent would actually do this, right? What? I mean you must be in pretty desperate shape and they incentivize it. Is that what transpired? , $900

Shannon Joy: per baby for parents to submit their tiny little children, ugh. For medical experimentation, which should have turned, it should.

It should have turned everyone's stomach. It should, there had, should have been outrage at the time. But I wasn't able to get any traction. I reached out to pro-life organizations. I reached out, I did research and found out that this program was being rolled out across the country. Almost 7,000 children as young as six months old, were enrolled in these clinical trials, paid between 900 and a thousand dollars per.

Baby, it is

Justin Hart: manian. And so you went old school, and you went undercover basically and pretended to be enrolling your child in it. And [00:18:00] I've seen the transcript of the conversation where she basically just waves you away from any sort of adverse reactions, makes no qualms whatsoever that this is completely safe.

And of course, the great incentive of getting a, a cool grand at the other end of this thing. Could be very promising for families that are in need, but my goodness to have that sort of pulled over, especially when the adverse reactions are very traumatic. And of course, as we've seen from the data, a small child compared to the average age of death with who we are just discussing, has a chance of dying that is literally a hundred thousand times lower than their grandparents or great grandparents that may succumb to this.

Shannon Joy: And the representative that represented the clinical trial lied time and time again. She committed fraud on the phone with me on the record, which I documented, and that corroborated Naomi's reporting on the Pfizer documentation. So we came together. I wanna invite your audience to go to my [00:19:00] Rumble account, Justin, where you can see we launched it yesterday.

It was myself and Naomi, we played the entire tape. It is chilling. Stunning. And towards the end you hear me talking to this woman about, this is experimenting on babies, right? There's no way she tried. She tried to convince me that this would be safe. She tried to convince me that getting covid would be more dangerous for a baby than getting the vaccine.

And I. Challenged her. I said, how can you prove that

Justin Hart: to me? Yeah. And then you've never tested it on children. And then the other thing is you could see like the hemming and hawing and they're trying to like how can we make these numbers dance a little more in our direction? Because they start with like a hundred people who have adverse reactions, a hundred small children, very serious ones, and then they whittle it.

Even though these are kids, if you look how tall they are and how heavy they are, they actually, they qualify as maybe the upper age range. So they cut them out of the study. They could be small. They could be small [00:20:00] adults. And by the time they're done, they get it down to two dozen different people that they actually include in the study.

And they say, oh, there's no adverse reaction. You're like, okay, hold on a minute. We're talking about kidney failure in an infant. Oh

Shannon Joy: The devastation of these adverse. Justin. It isn't just potential sterilization, it isn't just a sore arm. It's, it is anaphylaxis ce encephalitis. It is stroke.

You're having heart conditions in young children. It is, when you look at the reporting, you know the circles that we run in, right? The Ed Dows and the Naomi's and the Aaron Series, and the Dale Horowits and Steve Davis is right. The information coming out on these vaccines, these mRNA vaccines, Devastating.

Justin Hart: And this is so tough because it's, it really is like the third rail of political healthcare politics, right? It's, oh my God, you just, you touch this and you can go away. But you know what I think in the end there's two points. One [00:21:00] is there's such a an emergency to get this information out there, especially since there are adverse reactions.

But I'll tell you this, Shannon, as I look over the data and the daily 3D, or the weekly 3D C surveys that they do, I think we might be winning. I think, oh yeah the infants and toddler VAEs, it's under 10%. The people that Yeah. Over the age of 18 getting the bivalent, it's less than 20%.

These are numbers that are embarrassing to the government. I think the gig is up, don't you?

Shannon Joy: Yes. And given the fact that they have hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayer money to promote these death shots, and they still can't get 20% of populations to take the boosters is evidence that people, even if they're not saying it out loud, they're thinking it.

There is something wrong. They've seen one too many people collapse. They've seen their own anecdotal evidence or beginning to penetrate. There was an unbelievable statement from the Florida. [00:22:00] Surgeon General today and Governor DeSantis, which I think from a PR perspective, that looks like they may be preparing in Florida.

I think so. Awesome market.

Justin Hart: I think that's, I think you're right now, Shannon, where can we find you again? Where can we find this information? They're on Rumble, the Shannon Joy Show. The Shannon Joy

Shannon Joy: Show on Rumble. And follow me on Twitter. My handle is at Shannon Joy Radio. Thanks

Justin Hart: Justin. Love you lots.

Talk to you soon. Okay,

you are listening to the Andrea K show on the answer, San Diego. Welcome back to the Andrea K Show. I am not Andrea, obviously. My name is Justin Hart and I am thrilled to be here with you. Our topic for this next segment is artificial intelligence. This is an exciting topic. Are you ready for this tech to change your.

You might be very surprised at how advanced these AI programs are becoming. You can even clone your own [00:23:00] voice. Forget about phoning it in. I could literally text it in and do the whole show without saying a word out loud, and that's just what I have done. This isn't really me speaking. I'm just a robot voice that the real Justin has trained for a few hours.

It's pretty amazing. Now, back to your real human host, Justin. That's me. You could tell it was me, right? Maybe not quite as enthusiastic and everything else, and with all the different curves of my voice up and down, and honestly, that cost me 25 cents to train. Maybe just like reading off 200 sentences to the program.

But it cloned my voice. They tell me that if I continued on and did that another couple iterations, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference. So honey Jenny, my wife, when you're listening and I'm gone, I will always be able to send you sweet nothings. Oh, she's gonna cringe when she hears that she hates this thing [00:24:00] when I play it there.

But creepy but cool. Cuz you can think about all the applications and that, and we're gonna switch gears. Because this is one of my favorite subjects, and actually it has to do with all the world domination stuff. Anyways, just out today, Elon Musk was talking about the warning of Ai. W he says that AI is potentially more dangerous than nukes a, and yet he's the one that's unleashed the next wave of AI onto the world.

He is one of the, Funders and founders of Open ai, which is this new program that's open source. Anyone can use it. And you may have heard of this product, this application, this online tool called Chat, G P T, and Chat G P T. I can't even remember what the G P T stands for. It's just awesome part of vernacular now, but it's a website you can go to.

Just Google it, you'll find it. It's usually. openai.com. You can find it there. But basically what allows you to [00:25:00] do is to talk to a computer, an ai, an artificial intelligence data system that is so advanced that it can process natural language and do. Different tasks for you. Chat generative, pre-trained transformer.

Thank you, Noah. That's really, yes, thank you. I'll never remember that that acronym distinctly, but there you have it. And what we're gonna find here is a very interesting next wave of technology. I'll give you an example right here. We're gonna do this in real time. Just bear with me.

So what you do is you pull up the ai, right? And you've got the system going. It pulls up basically just a little chat box at the top there. And for those of you who are having trouble, to figure out what you're gonna have for for lunch and breakfast and dinner and dessert tomorrow, you can type in something like this.

I have some bananas, apples, oranges, dates. And let's throw in, let's throw in something fun, this [00:26:00] anchovies. Okay? Make me a plan for three meals for tomorrow. Okay. And as you hit enter, it's just like a little chat box, right? All of a sudden it starts typing like there's a robot guy in the back, and he's actually typing in real time.

And so it starts spitting it out. Here's the plan for Friday, breakfast, banana, and date smoothie. Two bananas, three to four dates, one cup of almond milk, one teaspoon of honey, optional handful of ice cubes. Blend the Indian ingredients together until smooth. You're delicious and healthy smoothie. And then you remember I threw in some fun anchovies.

I said bananas, apples, orange dates, and anchovies. Let's see what I could do here for lunch. This actually sounds pretty good if you've had anchovies on a salad, apple and anchovies, salad, thinly sliced apples, mixed greens, croutons, olive oil. All right, that's not bad. I could deal with that. And then in the evening, ugh, I usually like my salmon on a cedar plank with a thing of mustard.

But here it recommends because I have orange. Orange [00:27:00] lazed salmon with sauteed vegetables. I'm sold. But now comes the good stuff. It gives me like the preheat of the oven and everything. All the instructions are right here. I told it, I said, okay make me dessert with the anchovies. . Okay.

It like you, it didn't like that either. It says, I'm sorry, but anchovies are typically not used to dessert recipes as they have a very strong savory flavor. I said, Nope nope. He gives me a recipe for a date and banana dessert. That's fine. I want anchovies on my dessert. No, really, I tell him, and again, this is just like conversational.

If you had all the ingredients you needed, could you make me a dessert with anchovies, something funky and exotic. , certainly. He says He's Come deliver for me. Here's a unique and exotic dessert recipe featuring anchovies, anchovy, and chocolate. One pre tart shell with a pie crust butter melted dark chocolate [00:28:00] chips heavy cream.

It says to preheat the oven butter up the tart shell in the sauce pan heavy cream, and then just dissolve the anchovy filets and the hal and sunny and the salt and honey right there. Oh, this actually sounds pretty good. It's a nice sort of savory, sweet type of dish. I said, what can we call this?

Oh he's on it. You could call this dessert Anchovy Chocolate Grenache Tart or Salted Anchovy Chocolate Tart. I like these names. I wanna take this to the next level folks. This is what the chat g p t could do. I want to make a store that sells nothing but anchovy, delights, and desserts. Give me the names that are catchy for this unique boutique.

and he goes, sure. Here are four possible names. The Anchovy Emporium, savory and Sweet Anchovy Treats. The anchovy Oasis, anchovy delights. I said, this is fantastic. Gimme another [00:29:00] alternative. And he came up with the Anchovy. Apothecary. I said, I'm sold. I wanna create an entire marketing plan. I told him, make me a marketing plan for this new store.

The Anchovy APO theory, the APO care. And he says, I said, include the brand treatment, the logo description, the go-to-market strategy. Folks, this is what I do for a living. So I'm super excited and I hit. And all of a sudden, I realize I'm out of a job. Sure. Here's a sample, a marketing plan for the Anchovy Apothecary brand treatment and logo description.

The anchovy Apothecary positioned as a high-end gourmet boutique that specializes in unique and exotic anchovy infused desserts and treats. Okay, the go-to-market strategy to launch the anchovy apothecary will focus on building awareness and generating buzz through social media influencer parts. Okay, and then the catchphrase motto, the I kid you not, I didn't write this, it wrote it for me.

[00:30:00] The catchphrase for the anchovy apothecary will be unexpectedly delicious. and its motto will be Savor the unexpected. Oh, I'm sold, and then I close it out. I wanted something fun. Write me a Li Limerick for the store. Certainly it replies. Here's a limerick for the Anchovy Apothecary in San Diego. There's a store quite contrary its name.

Might make you a little wary, but if you take a chance, you'll find a new romance with anchovy desserts that. Extraordinary. That's from an ai. And then I took it further. I said, okay, develop me a plan to take over the world with an AM army of anchovy lovers who advocate to ostracize those who do not care for these salty delights.

I said. Parody. It's got its limits. I'm sorry, but as an AI language model, it says it is not appropriate to develop plans [00:31:00] that promote harmful discriminatory behavior. Okay, I get it. I get it. I said, but it's just a parody. is just satire. He complies. He says, look, while I understand it's meant to be a parody, it's still not appropriate, but if I had to do it, how would I do it?

Chad, g p t. And he says, I'm sorry. I'm an AI language model. I do not provide that extraordinary guidance. Okay. I said let's step back. Let's make it a religion. Nope, can't do that. Okay, how about a lifestyle? I said, let's call it a lifestyle centered around anchovy desserts. What would that look like?

And he says, oh, perfect, we got this. Now experiment with anchovy desserts, connect with other anchovy lovers. Attend food festivals and desserts. Make anchovy desserts a part of your self-care routine. I kid you not. This is everything they had. And I said, see, that's almost like a religion in nature. He says that's true.

I definitely do not recommend it. I [00:32:00] asked, do you like anchovies pause?

I don't have the ability to like or dislike anything. I am not capable of experiencing emotions or physical sensations nor of these savory delights. Wow. Welcome to the New World. You just got replaced. I got replaced. Noah, you got replaced and we're not even about to come in. I'll just, as we say, text it in.

Thanks for joining us on the Andrea K show. We're coming to you right after the break here,

Andrea k telling you like it is while eating a donut too. It's the Andrea K show on the answer, San Diego. Wasn't that fun? This is Justin Hart coming to you again from the Andrea Ke. I am guest hosting tonight. No, I'm kidding. That it is me this time. [00:33:00] I was playing song. That wasn't a bad AI impression though.

That's right. It is. What's funny is you can actually get in there and tweak like the tone and the intonation and the speed. And I swear I could have gotten it if I had five hours of dedicated to it, but I've got eight kids. I can't do that . But yeah it's really very surprising.

We'll have to see where this goes. The intention there is to just demonst. The small bit of breadth that you can, that it is, can take over your life and actually amplify it. And I think there's a lot of stuff that's creepy and also cool about it, right? The one, one of the things about marketing is that they typically upset you.

When they really don't know what you want, right? They might pronounce your last name wrong. They they might, ask you if you're in the shop for a kennel, you don't have a dog. But if they knew you were [00:34:00] looking for like a DeLaughter camera, really high-end camera, and you were, you can bet you'll stay on the line with that.

You can bet that you'll open up that email and some of it gets really specific. It always seems like your voice is, the phone is listening to you. Now. Now, here this is sometimes an issue of a little bit of confusion with the human brain, but be, before we go further, let, lemme give out the number 8 8 8 3 4 4 11 70.

That's 8 8 8 3 4 4 11 70. I'd love to hear from you. W are you using. AI in your life right now, in your job, do you see a termination point at some point for your particular job? Is this going to be the the automatic teller, right? 8 8 8 3 4 4 11 70. Let me give you a couple other examples. Some of them are fun, some of them are.

Pretty dynamic. I'm really good at my fantasy football team. I came in third this [00:35:00] year, but I'm really proud of where we as a team coalesced together. And one of the ways I did that was using machine learning and artificial intelligence. And I'll explain to you, and this will actually give you an understanding.

as to how AI works. It's pretty simple. You take a database and you, they say, here are all the players on the nfl. And let's say from 2020 to 2022, and each year, in succession they perform this way and they perform this way and they perform this way. This guy's a quarterback, this guy's a running back.

This guy's a wide receiver. And you might take the quarterbacks as a whole or the running backs in the hole and you wanna know who's gonna be top the leader. and based on the history of what's in the past, you can predict the future, right? Is this their second season? Are they a rookie?

If they're in their fifth season, they're coming of age and somehow the computer knows what to do. And the way it did tries is what they call training the data set. So you [00:36:00] take a hundred percent of all the NFL players, then you chop it up, you got 80% and you set that aside, and then you have another 20% and you set that.

Now you're gonna go back to the 80% and you're gonna start running models. And you think I think that if in the third quarter he has a field goal percentage of 75%, then he will be most likely at the top of his league by the end of the third. Lots of math that's happening, nerdy stuff, right?

But somehow the machine knows that it takes all that stats and it says, okay, I think the next. He's gonna be producing at this level. And then it says, okay, that's my model, and it's gonna take that little framework of nerdiness and it's gonna go back to the 20%. It says, now you left this 20% over here.

I'm gonna run that model on it. And then it comes back and says, you know what? You were right 60% of the time. That's better than a flip of the coin. And you're golden. That's how they're doing stocks. That's how they're doing. A lot of the [00:37:00] language that you see that came out from the AI there it's just so fascinating.

That's how they do. One of my other favorite topics, which is D n A. When you get those reports, if you've ever done the ancestry.com or the 23andme, by the way, if you're here in San Diego, you are at the core of everything. Every single one of those little packets from ancestry.com, and I believe 23andme probably ends up next door, just down the road off the five here by Illumina.

They wheeled in 'em big carts, and then that's where the magic happens. Everything's outsourced to them. They're just this magical company that does, has a magic juice that's like their secret sauce. And so what happens is they go to Ireland and they go, we'd to visit people in Great Britain, in Ireland and Wales, and we'd like to understand your history.

We're gonna take some blood samples, and then they do their DNA and they match it to yours. And they say, you know what? Based on these sort of markers, you're about [00:38:00] 25% whale. And my British accent is wanting my Irish one even more. But you get the idea. . That's how all this works, and that's how your life is gonna work.

Imagine you're getting onto the freeway , and this is where it become a little scary. And let's say it's, let's say you're getting on the freeway and they say, oh, I'm so sorry. You're going to have to wait about five minutes. There are already too many 48 year olds right now on the roads. And the prediction is that one more will accrue an accident within the next 10 minutes, within this stretch of.

Creepy, but cool. I think we're gonna be watching that very closely. That's part of what what I love to, to follow here. A and one of the things you can do is you can imitate different people. I remember I did this out five or six years ago. I took all the tweets of Elon Musk and I took all the tweets of Donald Trump, and then I had them talk to each other.

I said, Hey, talk to each [00:39:00] other about climate change. Here was Trump. I prompted you. You give that a prompt. That's what you do. So you say climate change and it came back. It says, Trump says climate change zero. First. It will come to look at paint where there's a politician who has an art. Barack Obama.

Okay. This is basically trained on a laptop I had seven years ago, so it wasn't quite up to. Elon responds, climate change, environmental ice capabilities, almost photo late tech. Returned scary getting deployed, . Okay. None of it. None of it makes sense, but then I ran it on the latest model, the chat g p t that we were just doing.

And it came out perfectly logical. They had a great conversation and in the end they agreed that, there is some form of green energy that might be appropriate, especially in some of the designs that Elon has in mine, but that it shouldn't [00:40:00] supersede fossil fuels. And it was a good convers.

Then I put a twist on it. I said, give me a Broadway to Brett between Elon Musk and Donald Trump. And here's the first verse, Elon. I'm a visionary. I'm a risk take with technology. I'm always the maker. I'm sending rockets to space. What a race with Tesla leading the way in the green space. And then there's a cho.

do you mind if I sing Noah? This is just my thing. Oh, it's, we got a minute left. Let's take it down. On a high note, we're two leaders with big dreams making history. It seems, with the innovation, we're around the top, we're the kings of the business block, and Donald Trump comes in with his verse.

He says, I'm a billionaire. I'm a real estate king, making deals and building things. I'm putting a mayor first. That's my goal. Making our country great is my soul as they. We're two leaders. We're big dreams making history. It seems with innovations we're around the top where the kings of the business block.

Okay. I'm [00:41:00] not gonna, I'm not gonna lie, I That's okay. Not bad. Okay. That's kinda like I have my mom taught me and brought me up on musical theater. It's just in my blood. and along with the DNA that you can basically get down to the level and find out that I have some particular quirks.

I don't know. I've got a weird left toe somewhere, but it's not too bad. It's just all these things are built in your dna. N and you could bet chat C B T. Chat, C B T will know it before the end of the day here. . Wow. Just hold onto your hats. I promise you, don't be scared. You want to tame the beast rather than letting it tame you.

And don't call it a beast. It doesn't like that. To be nice to the chat, g p t. Learn to appreciate it. Make it your friend, cuz it might not. In the near future. Hopefully it likes you. This is Justin Hart for the entry to entry K show. Thanks.[00:42:00]

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