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Misogynist Dr. Morens CONFRONTED by Rep. Miller-Meeks


I don't think William Wallace was any less a

hero in Scotland because he wore a kilt.

Nor do I think Roman soldiers were any less

fierce, intelligent, or strategic because they wore a skirt.

Now, although I have had differences, political

and scientific differences, with Doctor Walensky, I've

disagreed with her on infection-acquired immunity.

I have disagreed with her on school closures.

I've disagreed with her on the lack of

transparency of adverse outcomes from Covid-19 vaccines.

So I'm having a hard time understanding why

in 2021, I would have expected it when

I was in medical school in 1982.

But why in 2021?

And I can understand the embarrassment

of having personal emails shared.

But you were doing work-related stuff on your personal

emails that you would have commented in an email.

Doctor Fauci got Rochelle Walensky her job as CDC

director by lobbying for her to Ron Klaine.

Well, she does wear a skirt.

I poured a little cold water on her, but he

was undeterred in thinking that she was the cat's pajamas.

So let me just say, am I the cat's pajama?

Do you know how many women sit on this subcommittee?

Do you know what it takes for any

of these women to get elected to Congress?

Because I find your comments to be disgusting.

You had an illustrious career, an amazing

track to get to where you are.

You're trusted with one of the highest positions

in government to combat public health crises.

And instead of doing your job, you're too

busy worried about avoiding FOAIs and challenging someone's

position because they happen to wear a skirt.

The American people deserve a whole

lot better in their public servants.

We don't need to worry about your trying to avoid

FOAIs or what the quality of your mattress is.

Quite frankly, sir, you should be

ashamed of your character and embarrassed.

I am glad that you are.

And you should, in fact, apologize to this

subcommittee, to Congress, and to our nation.

With that, I yield.

May I apologize to you and the committee?

It's a misogynistic statement, and, you know,

it was the same snarky, joking stuff.

But let me say I've been an advocate, sir.

That's not a snarky joke.

That is an underlying behavior that indicates

how you approach women and how you

think of women, and it's disgusting.

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