Sitemap - 2022 - Rational Ground by Justin Hart

A personal note and some powerful Covid charts

Finding New Covid Allies! James Cintolo

Michael Senger: Fifty Questions to Which We Demand Answers

Covid Twitter Files #1 are Out!

Breaking: Data on Neonatal Deaths from Major Israeli Health Insurer Shows Huge Spikes

What Is Crimson Contagion?

Published Mask Study Confirms: the CDC are Master Data Manipulators

For our readers! Excerpt from "Levi's Unbuttoned" by Jennifer Sey

We've lost our ever-loving minds: Christmas edition

You tax dollars paid for Twitter employees to win Biden the election

We Are Still Locked Down

30 Examples of Covid Hypocrisy

"The city was turned upside down"

Did vaccines save 3 million lives? Very unlikely

The Urge to Control Others

Newsweek OpEd: We've Failed To Learn From Past Pandemics. Our Posterity Deserves Better

Chapter 2 of

Legal Evidence: The Government Conspired with Twitter & Facebook and Infringed on YOUR Free Speech

Fired Twitter Exec Joins Spook Agency

WSJ OpEd: The Twitter Blacklisting of Jay Bhattacharya

Masking Children is an Ineffective Policy and Not Supported by Research or Data

Jay Bhattacharya and the Fight to End Covid Censorship

Vax Uptake Stalls as the White House Cries Wolf Again

BREAKING: New Autopsy Report Reveals Those Who Died Suddenly Were Likely Killed by the Covid Vaccine

Dr. Fauci is NOT impressed with my Book

Live now! Senator Johnson Hearing on Vaccines

Give the gift of REASON for Christmas

We Need Mass Resignations

Dr. Fauci's No Good Terrible Very Bad Deposition - Part 1

Live broadcast at noon pacific / 3pm eastern

Justin and Mark Cuban go One-on-One

A Mormon and a Jewish atheist walked into a pandemic...

Gone Viral needs to GO VIRAL!

New Mask Study Confirms: N95s Don't Work Either!

Chaos and Courage in China

Fighting for the voiceless: The Death of Franca Panettone

Fauci’s 7-Hour Deposition: What We Know So far

The CDC as We Know It Has to Go

25 Books Left for New Annual Subscribers

Mike Rowe interviews Justin Hart

"My World Turned Upside Down"

The Basket 11.19.2022

The Covid/Crypto Connection will blow your mind

My WSJ Oped: Covid Lockdowns Disqualify Trump in 2024

March 29, 2020: A Day of Infamy

Exclusive: 2024 Presidential Republican Poll for Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada

Suburban Chicago High School Students Being "Requested" to Take a Covid Test for Jill Biden's Visit

Unblinded by the Light

NEJM Goes Mask Crazy!

Covid Killed the Red Wave but DeSantis Rides High!

Why? Our Readers Respond

Covid Might Kill the Red Wave

Will Elon Resurrect our Dead Twitter Friends?

Why did they do it? Why this virus? Why this moment?

"We just didn't know." - WRONG

Public Health Elites Who Pushed Anti-Science Policies Deserve Accountability, Not ‘Amnesty’

Accountability Not Amnesty

Jeffrey Tucker: "The Book We Need"

Exclusive: Scott Atlas' Slides from our San Diego Conference!

Will Elon Resurrect our Rational Ground Colleagues on Twitter?

Chapter 16: School Closures Are a Necessary Step to Save Lives! WRONG.

"Gone Viral..." on your radio dial and podcasts!

We Got Access to 700+ COVID-19 Death Certificates. Here's What We found.

New Evidence Proves Biden Administration Pressured Facebook and Twitter to Censor Americans

Screamed for Mom to "Make it Stop"

More Falsehoods from the CDC

Breaking: CDC moves to VAX all kids

"Gone Viral..." #1 best seller Amazon in infectious diseases!

"Gone Viral..." Book launches amid flurry of Covid news!

Zoom Book Launch Party - Tuesday!

Engage with our Conference Speakers and Panelists

The Pandemic Truth

Books Delivered in 1 week!

Rational Ground Conference a hit!

15 tickets left for Saturday! Meet Atlas, Bhattacharya, Jennifer Sey, Ian Miller, Marc Morano and more...

Read Chapter 2 of "Gone Viral"

648 cases of side effects for breastfed infants AND 3 reported deaths

Look what they did to our kids :(

I need your stories! What happened in YOUR profession or industry

12 hrs: ticket prices go up! 75+ attendees. FULL AGENDA ATTACHED

Lawyers shoot letter to Twitter. E Woodhouse chimes in!

Doh! Twitter put me in Time Out - AGAIN!

The Pandemic Seriously Damaged Schools Across the Country.

Early bird pricing going up! Rational Ground conference: San Diego, Oct 8th. Atlas, Bhattacharya, Jennifer Sey, Marc Morano, Justin Hart

Who Kept Our Children Locked Out of Schools?

Get tickets quickly... Come meet Bhattacharya, Atlas, Sey, Morano. Rational Ground Event, October 8th

Fauci: "I didn't shut ANYTHING down..." Roll tape!

Rational Ground Conference, Oct. 8th in San Diego!

Restaurants in Lockdown Cities STILL Suffering

Reminder: All-hands Zoom Call Tuesday

Daniel Kotzin: The Marching Morons

All Hands Zoom Call Tuesday for Rational Ground & Team Reality

Did White House Advisor Use MIT "study" to Take Down Our Twitter Accounts?

Here ya go... Introduction to "Gone Viral..."

Back-to-school! But will they stay open?

Can I ask this of you?

Justin on FoxNews: Govt Censoring Americans

Yearbook Photos: Fauci & Walensky

Schools Starting Up: Staffing Issues Abound!

The Great Covid Migration: One Million Moved Out of Blue States

BREAKING: FOIA emails reveal CDC & Big Tech Collude to Censor You

The Ultimate Guide to Fauci Fails

Schools Rake in the Covid Monies

Case Surveillance File: July 2022 Downloads

The data is in! Lockdowns didn't do anything (except harm us)

Take Action: Stop Masking Our Kids!

Masking Children is Insane and Harmful

San Francisco Children Devastated by Pandemic Policies

BREAKING: Fauci to retire!?

The Truth About Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis

90 Citations! Say NO to Covid vaccine mandates at schools & colleges

My Run In With The Thought Police

Book with the printer! Pre-order for September Release

School Enrollments Down. NY & CA lose Elementary Students

Vaccine Failure in San Francisco

Child Vax Bombs Out - Are Parents Finally Getting the Message?

Pernicious Pandemic Policies - Impact on Children

Transcript: Podcast with "Let Them Breathe"

Jessica Booted from Twitter: AGAIN!

Vax Victory in California!

Enter The Cattleman!

Sign the Posterity Pledge!

Info for tonight's PAC launch

Super PAC Launches Tonight

Big Announcement: New Super PAC

Attacks on Scott Atlas are Comical

CDC Ignored Vaccine Data, Emails Reveal Gross Negligence

Wow: 1 Week of New Vaccine Studies Blows Things WIDE Open

School mask mandates, school lunch challenges, and more...

Cowards, All. Why Didn't We All Fight Back?

Transcript: Next Steps for Team Reality

Next Steps for Team Reality - Today at Noon

9th grade enrollments surge? School lockdowns, spending on free school supplies and more

Big Tech and DOHS Colluding?

Stories from the Pandemic. Share Yours.

Guest Post: I’m immunocompromised, and I’ve never asked others to protect me

Pre-K and Kindergarten Enrollments Up Across the Country?

Masking Children is an Ineffective Policy and Not Supported by Research or Data

Will the Biden Administration Close Schools in the Fall?

Transcript: A Conversation with Jay Battacharya

Podcast Today: Dr. Jay Bhattacharya

NY Times: Mask Mandates DO NOT Work. (Duh)

School Districts Outline Security Procedures in the Wake of Uvalde

Bad Data Leads to Pandemic Panic Attacks

An Epic Thread on What REALLY Happened

We Need More Good Guys with Guns

Was Pfizer Vaccine Efficacy 95% or just 19%? The Evidence is in!

Schools Digging in on Covid Policies and Spending Your Tax Dollars

MonkeyPox on Today's Podcast

Ministry of Truth Disbanded!

Massive Spending on Mental Health and Physical Health in Schools

Jeffrey Tucker on Today's Podcast

President Biden and the Supply Chain of Madness

School Enrollments by District ⬆️ ⬇️

Critical Vaccine Updates

Rules are for thee, not for me!

Abortion: By the Numbers

Biden's First 16 Months in Office a Disaster for Democrats

Twitter Bans Rational Ground Writer and Analyst

NJ & PA Schools Pandemic Fallout

Pandemic Propaganda Posters

Kids and Masks: A Review of the Insanity

Week in Review:

Team Reality: A Book of Tweets

Elon Buys Twitter!

Epic Week! Is this the end of Covid?

Free Speech in the Age of Covid.

10 Mask Compilations from Team Reality

TSA Drops Mask Enforcement! Alaska, United Drop the Face Diapers!

Breaking: Court Strikes Down CDC Mask Mandate

Jenny & Justin: Seeking Justice, Finding Peace

Podcast Today at Noon: What Elon Musk's Move on Twitter Means for Team Reality

Public School Enrollment: Abandoning the Cities

Podcast Transcript: 10 Bills We Need to DEFEAT in California

Quick News Round-Up: April 5, 2022

Podcast Today: 10 Awful Horrid California Covid Bills. (noon-pacific | 3pm-eastern)

News Roundup for Last Week of March 2022

The Talented Dr. Hoshino. Podcast Today.

Podcast Today: Schools and Covid - Still a Thing :(

School Tracker Update: 3/28/22

Covid News Updates: Elections, Lockdowns, Airlines, Bad PCR tests and more...

Today at Noon: The Inestimable Jessica Hockett!

Sneak Peak at the Book on Today's Podcast - ALSO - another request!

Help! I need your worst lockdown story! Your worst Karen interaction!

Crunch Time: Will you help me on my book?

Tomorrow's Podcast: Pain at the Pump Explained with Ellen Wald

Screamed for Mom to "Make it Stop"

Schools and Mental Health Spending; Podcast at noon with Jenny & Justin

Pharma Exec: We lied to the public. mRNA is gene therapy

Our Podcast with Chuck DeVore on the Ukraine is up. Tomorrow... KYLE LAMB!

COVID-19 and Children: ALL the Answers You Need in ONE PLACE

Breaking: NFL Drops ALL Covid-19 Protocols

Pfizer Doc Revelations: Some SERIOUS concerns for younger cohorts

New Pfizer Docs Out. Can we crowd-source this? Podcast at Noon on the war in Ukraine.


Podcast Today: Jordan Schachtel & I discuss current events --> Masks, Mandates and Warmongering

Burbio School Opening Tracker 2/28: Majority Mask-Optional

Case Surveillance File: 61 Million Cases

Podcast: Former Soviet States Rally Behind Ukraine

Internal Memo: Dems should "take credit" for ending COVID

The Truth Suffers Under Data Lag

Zoom Call Tonight


Friday Podcast: Jennifer Sey and Daniel Kotzin

Lying with Statistics in New York

4 Stories from the Pandemic

CDC Admits: It's Hiding the Data

Cases, Hosp. & Deaths: All States - 2/19/22

News Roundup: Canadian Truckers Save the World?

Annnnnd.... we're back. *tap tap* Is this thing on?

More Studies Confirm: We Were Right

Burbio School Report for 1/31

Infographic: Making Children Mask is Misguided Health Policy

Vinay's Catalog of Crazy & Reminder about Our Florida Gathers THIS WEEK

Weekend Update: Cases, Hosp., Deaths

Big View: COVID-19 Deaths by State

The January 24th Panel Redux

Rational Ground Podcast Replays

Podcast at Noon with Ian Miller

Full Pandemic Downloads!

Mom: "It's time to give the kids back their life and education"

Rational Ground Florida Gathering - February 5th

Burbio School Tracker; Podcast at Noon.

The Impact of Wearing Masks

Perspective: Gut Check on COVID-19 Risk

Podcast Today with the Founders of Covid Stories Archive

44 Million Cases Logged with Charts!

3 Videos to Start your Day

Justin will be on FoxNews Tonight. 7:20 eastern / 4:20 pacific

Charts: Regions and States, Cases and Deaths

Video: Fauci on "Believers and Non-Believers"

The Club DJ Who Lost It All

MASSIVE School Disruptions. Podcast with the "Mask Lady" at Noon!

Latvia Reveals a Statue to the Cult of Masks

School Closures in 2020/21: What really happened?

10+ Steps to End the Pandemic

NYTimes Admits: CDC reports "create alarm in parents" with unfounded data on kids

Some choice graffiti/posters in DC

CDC: Ditch that Cloth Mask! *chuckle*

Latest State Charts. Podcast Today at Noon with Michael Betrus

Choice quotes from the OSHA ruling


National and Regional Charts

The City Turned Upside Down

Live! Chat with HOLD2. Right now :)

The Ultimate PowerPoint on the Vax

Watch Dr. Fauci Getting Grilled (Maybe)

Don't Get Gaslit. An Epic Thread on Why You SHOULD be Disappointed in the Vaccines

California Cram-down Begins

Ramifications of Restricted Breathing

Burbio School Report

The CDC Takedown. Podcast today at Noon Pacific / 3PM Eastern

Our Amicus Brief for the SCOTUS OHSA Hearing

Case Surveillance File Update!

Burbio School Tracker: New Year Woes

Mask podcast today at noon/3 eastern! All the tools you need to fight the insanity.

The Kerpen Toolbelt: Data at Your Fingertips

With vs From: The Debate Goes Mainstream-Part 1

Burbio School Tracker: More Closures

Happy New Year! News Round-up