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DOJ Official: "I'm not familiar with that case"

Debunking the Mask Mandate: A Systematic Review of COVID-19 Child Masking

The Censorship Industrial Complex

Come On, Peggy Noonan, Just Say You Were Wrong

Decoding the Censorship Industrial Complex: A Deep Dive into the CTIL (Cyber Threat Intelligence League)

CTIL Files #1: US And UK Military Contractors Created Sweeping Plan For Global Censorship In 2018, New Documents Show

Counseling a Gaslit Nation

Wearing masks = higher risk of Covid?

Drug overdose data just released by the CDC

Schrodinger's SV40 and p53

Generation Covid: a film on the havoc wrought on the next American generation

Jim Jordan: They Censored You

UNCOVERED! The Revolving Door between the FDA and Moderna

One-Quarter of Americans Know Someone who DIED from the Jab

Covid Villain Profile: Peter Dazsak

From Pandemic Insights to Preparation: Gearing Up For Future Challenges

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A Personal Note on the Battle of Ideologies, Demographics and Realities

Masking the Holes in the CDC's Gaping Discrepancies

"Unless you hear it from us, it is not the truth"

Diabolical "Debanking": A Distressing Trend in the Great White North

Unraveling the DNA Contamination Concern in mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines

Legal Updates on Missouri v. Biden

If you watch one video... make it this one

They Lied: Vaccines do NOT Remain in the Arm

The Unseen Toll of Staying Home: Untangling the Threads of Depression and Community Mobility During COVID-19

Did the CIA Smuggle Dr. Fauci into Langley to Coerce Covid Decisions?

The Mirage of Long COVID: When Methodology Trumps Sensationalism

Paul Offit: " I'm not getting this year's vaccine"

Ignoring the Heart of the Matter: How Myocarditis Became the Silent Scandal of COVID-19 Vaccination.

Unraveling the Shadows: The Covert Games behind COVID-19 Origins

How Did the Experts Turn Everything Upside Down?

David v. Goliath in New York

Explosive New Claims Say CIA Tried to Bury Lab Leak Theory

BIG WIN IN THE COURTS: Missouri v. Biden

Anthony Fauci’s Very Bad Week

Israel Hospitals PUSH BACK on Testing Mandate


A Brief Note about Hurricanes

Womp, womp - New BA.2.86 Covid Not a Threat

Here We Go Again: Now It’s Pirola

The Global War on Thought Crime

Half of Vaccinated People Never Stop Producing Spike Protein, Study Found

Chronic Absenteeism Worse in States That Closed Schools Longer

Pfizer Drip Feeds Data From its Pregnancy Trial

Are We Facing Lockdowns 2.0?

$10 Trillion Stolen Right Under Our Noses

Whistle Blower Goes Public: Revealing Startling health and Safety Issues in the U.S. Military

The Great Game of Let’s Pretend

CDC Now Refusing New COVID Vaccine Adverse Event Reports in Its V-Safe Program

Fauci declares lockdowns were 'absolutely justified' and suggests they should be used again to force vaccinations

If I Interviewed Trump About Covid…

Australia’s Misinfo Bill Paves Way for Soviet-Style Censorship

FDA Head Admits “Cheerleading” Pfizer’s Drug Paxlovid

Covid Controls, the Cello, and Me

"The city was turned upside down"

Pandora’s Jar is Opened Again

Listen! Missouri vs. Biden in Court

The Aussies Take on the Vaccine

Video: Dr. Jay vs. Dr. Birx Debate!

Breaking: NIH Secret Third-Party Royalty Database Uncovered

My Epic Fight for First Amendment Rights Reignites

The Evidence is in: Masks DO NOT WORK

The Censors’ Henchmen

Was the Covid Response a Coup by the Intelligence Community?

Meet the NEW Dr. Fauci

The Money Trails of the Pandemic Planning Racket

3 Years Ago: Jim Jordan Smacked Down Dr. Fauci

How Did Remdesivir Obtain Approval for Kidney Disease?

Nightmare Vax Injury: A Friend Tells His Story

LK-99: Room Temp Superconductor Could Shock the World

What If the Barbie Movie Is Just … a Movie?

Facebook Files: Rep. Jordon Revelations Stun

Study: 1 in 36 Boosted with a Heart Injury

They can't refute this: 33 Confirmed Vax Death Case Report Autopsies

Video: 388 Studies of Post-Vaccine Myocarditis

America’s Prolonged Economic Stagflation

Of course the NYTimes Used Bad Data

Depression = Long Covid?

Jim Jordan Takes on the Covid Censorship

Debunking the Booster Bias

Tornado Destroys Pfizer Facility (It's OK to Poke a Little Fun at That)

Obesity in 2021 - Highest Jump on Record

Hubris Unmasked: Dr. Fauci’s Glaring Narcissism

Why Is Rhode Island Stonewalling About a 37-Year-Old Woman’s Vaccine Death?

Let’s Stop Investing Rhetorical Flourishes with Legal Weight

Audio: Dr. Fauci LIES About Covid Origins

Dr. Fauci Lied, People Died

Revealed: Peer-review is Rigged!

Covid Origin Story Cover-up REVEALED - Part 1

My Lawsuit Update!

Kristian Andersen Grilled on Capitol Hill

The WHO Is a Real and Present Danger

The Politicization of Banking and the End of Freedom

How a Highly Effective Vaccine Turns Into a Mediocre Vaccine — or Worse

Biden Wanted to CONTINUE to Censor You: DENIED!

What It Means to Lose Trust

Revenge of the Praetorian Guard

We Landed a Major Blow Against the Censorship Leviathan

Casey DeSantis Debuts: Mamas for DeSantis

Where's Eric Waldo and why is he trying to silence you?!

Revealed: 25 Times the White House Tried to Censor You!

The Depravity of the Hospital Protocol

BREAKING! Judge issues order on Missouri v. Biden on the 4th of July!

The Hubris of Bending Modernity to Fauci's Will

Breast Cancer for <50 up 2X in 2022?

Dr. Hotez's Data Is Highly Flawed

The Other Reason I’ve Been MIA

Unveiling Morens: An Exposé of Transparency Evasion and Possible Deception

The Bias that Creates the Illusion of an Effective Covid Vaccine

Essential Reading for the Dissident, the Disenfranchised, the Disillusioned

Case Reports: Lung Injuries from the Vaccine

UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock "apologizes" for... not locking down earlier?

Lockdowns Blamed for Sharp Rise in Teenage Girls With Eating Disorders Since 2020

Informational No Man’s Land

Pandemic Leaders Were Biodefense Puppets and Profiteers

The Human Costs of Campus Closures

Dr. Scott Atlas on The Highwire with Del Bigtree

The Most Important Meeting in the History of the World That Never Happened

Who Owns BioNTech?

2 Quick Covid Charts: Age/Ethnicity/Year

The Great Debate That Will Not Happen

My Conversation with ChatGPT on Death Rates

A Genealogy of Corporatism

Video: Vial Contamination Uncovered. FDA Confronted

Can We Please Have Some Honesty About Trump’s Lockdowns?

What I Can Say and What I Cannot Say

Bad Policy Assures a Perpetual Sense of Burning Crisis

Kevin Kiley Takes on HHS Secretary about Masking 2-year Olds

How the Department of Treasury Got Involved in Censorship

On Being a Covid "Expert"

Twenty Grim Realities Unearthed by Lockdowns

The Unseen Scars: The Impact of COVID on Our Children

10 Stats: Lockdown Impacts on Cancers

New CDC Director: Mandy Cohen

Sanitizer Surge: Cautionary Consequences of COVID-19 Crisis

Justin on the Mike Rowe Show: Gone Viral Book

A Cheat Sheet for Legislators Regarding the WHO and Health Emergencies

Misinformation Is a Word We Use to Shut You Up

The Great COVID Ventilator Death Cover-up

DeSantis Campaign Video

It's official. Ron is running... what now?

BREAKING: Gov. Ron DeSantis will Announce his Bid for the Presidency with ELON MUSK tomorrow night.

Tune in Tuesday for my Kevin Kiley interview. Video: he take on Biden's Education Secretary

Sorry, This Is Not Going Away

The Truth about Randi Weingarten and the School Closures

BREAKING: Gorsuch Rule on Lockdowns and Mandates

The Hospital Protocol Killed Their Loved Ones and They Want Justice

Vitamin D: Everything You Need to Know

Warning: The Video Will Make You Angry

After Covid: Twelve Challenges for a Shattered World


Whatever Happened to the Healing Power of Positive Thinking?

They’re Coming To Take You Away

Rep. Scott Perry on Accountability

Dr. Walensky’s Dishonorable Acts

Fauci’s Never-Ending Victory Tour


Where Have the Adults Gone?

15 Days Finally Ends After 1,141 Days

Were the Vaccines a Military-Backed Countermeasure?

Director Collins Caught Red-handed Avoiding FOIA

Lockdowns and Vaccines: Lessons from Denmark

CNN Takes Surgeon General to Task on Kids and Masks

White House Ends Vax Requirement for Federal Workers

No, Washington Post, the Experts Were the Whole Problem

What Kind of Culture Are They Planning for you?

Climate Activists Shut Down the DC Freeway

The Fight for Freedom is Not Over; It is Only Beginning

Scott Jennings Takes Randi Weingarten to the Woodshed

Top Ten Quotes from the NYT Fauci Interview

Video: Tucker Carlson in December 2020!

Coronomania: The Covid Crisis Was Man-Made

John Snow vs. “The Science”

Trump is wrong about DeSantis. And sadly - he is lying.

CDC Director: An "Evolution of Science"

6 Stories That Vindicate Team Reality

Do Politicians Ignore NIH Ties with Wuhan Lab to Protect Biodefense "Contract Racket"?

Berenson v. Biden: The Potential and Significance

Three Years Later: Revisiting Evidence Over Hysteria — COVID-19

What They Meant by Essential and Nonessential

Now They Tell Us! The Suspicious Shift on Universal Masking in Healthcare Settings

Elon admits that the government had access to your DM‘s likely

The Manipulation of the Public Mind

Fear of a Microbial Planet by Dr. Steve Templeton

Trump pushed for lockdowns. He needs to own up to it.

Long Covid Could be Mask Induced Exhaustion Syndrome (MIES)

Subscribers: All Charts for 97 MILLION Cases of Covid

VIDEO: Full Interview with EpochTV Online

Using ChatGPT to Prove Lockdowns Sucked

Covid Pandemic Propaganda Posters

Elon Musk Calmly Destroys BBC Reporter

Masking Mayhem: Unmasking Long COVID's Link to Prolonged Protection Practices

The Darkest Health Propaganda Posters

1,135 days


Del Bigtree Takes Down Neil deGrasse Tyson on Video

Astounding AI Adventures: Unraveling the Future of Technology

Video: Our Visit to Capitol Hill

The Great Unraveling

Vindication for Team Reality: The Vaccine List

The Fight for Our Future: Rational Ground Meets with Congressional Leaders to Share Pandemic Stories

Headed to Capitol Hill! What should we tell them?

When Did Trump Change His Mind about Lockdowns?

Fauci & company can't refute this: 33 Confirmed Vax Death Case Reviews

Urgent support still needed... Can you pitch in? 25 Meetings on Capitol Hill set next week!

Dr. Frieden’s Follies

Twitter Files #19: Sinister Surveillance & Suppression: The Shocking Secrets of the Virality Project

Vindication: 3 years ago, I was lambasted for this... I was right

The Lingering Legacy of Covid Policies: Unintended Consequences and Erosion of Trust

The Justin Hart Radio Show - Episode 8 - Language and Communication

25 Articles on Pernicious Pandemic Policies, Privacy, and Problematic Practices

35 Articles: Children Suffered Under Covid Regulations

The Ultimate Vaccine List of Links

LAST CALL: Join Justin, Jenny, Jay, Clifton and more in D.C. - March 29th

Video & Transcript: Dr. Redfield Thows Fauci Under the Bus

Daily News Rundown: 2nd Amendment Under Attack; More J6 video, Desantis fights back; CDC's Redfield in the hot seat

Urgent Response Needed: What Would You Tell Your Representative?

Subscribers Only: Covid Charts and Graphs

The Justin Hart Radio Show - Episode 7 - Interview with Jenny Hart; Discussions on Language and more AI Stuff!

Top news: New Jan 6th Footage released! 2 Americans found dead in Mexico, Georgia GOP passes prosecutor oversight bill, and more

Twitter Files: Another Acronym Government Entity Censoring

Daily News: Persecution of Christians in China, Live Coverage of CPAC 2023, Hundreds of BLM Members Paid by NYC, and More

Today's Headlines: FBI Confirms Origin of COVID-19, China Seeks to Replace US With 'Tech-Powered Dystopia', and More Health and Wellness News

Early Bird Pricing Ends TODAY - DC Event March 29th

BREAKING: Join Jay Bhattacharya and Clifton Duncan on Capitol Hill - March 29th

Dr. Fauci Comes Clean on Vaccines and Respiratory Viruses

Top Headlines: Explosion in Miami; Human Trafficking Bust in San Diego, Senator Lee Goes After the FAA

England Data Confirms: Vax Has NOT Lived Up to Expectations.

Full Interview with EpochTV Online

Clip: Justin Hart on Epoch TV. PREMIERE TONIGHT

Youth Suicides Increase During the First Year of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Daily News Digest: Putin's Nuclear Deal, James O'Keefe's Suspension, McCarthy's Jan. 6 Surveillance, and More

Interview with Nick Sortor: Ohio Train Derailment - the video SEEN round the world

Justin Hart on the Andrea Kaye Show - Part 1 - Covid; Shannon Joy; AI and more

Daily News Digest: WEF intends to own AI; DNA mutations in Ohio?; Fetterman hospitalized - again!

Daily News Digest: Chinese espionage, tech regulation, health concerns, and more

The Justin Hart Show - Ep 5 - Jennifer Sey

Twitter Spaces / Zoom call tonight at 9 est / 6 pst - Join up!

Time for Action: Join Justin, Jenny and Rational Ground in D.C. - March 29th

Why did we fail to protect those MOST at risk?

Questions for a Congressional Inquiry

The Justin Hart Show Ep3

Articles of Inquiry - The Questions We Want ANSWERED!

Are we overcounting COVID deaths? Yes, and we've known that for over 2 years!

Covid and the Three Tests of Compliance

78 Studies Show: Very Little Evidence that Masking Works

“I hope we don’t find out…this mRNA lingers in the body,” says Pfizer doctor

Everything You Need to Know About the Lab Leak

The Justin Hart Show Ep3

The Biomedical Security State, British Edition

How the “Unvaccinated” Got It Right

Burbio School Tracker: The Class of 2034

Drinking and Excess Deaths in lockdown

The Sovietization of Medical Care

Vax Injury Evidence Series: Case Study #1: Two Teens in CT Found Dead at Home

Why N95 Masks Fail to Stop the Spread

Project Veritas Video: Pfizer Doing its OWN Gain of Function Experiments?

The Justin Hart Radio Show - Episode 2

FDA Laughed as People Died. The Infamous Ivermectin Horse Tweet FOIAs

Major New Statement on Medical Freedom

The Justin Hart Radio Show - Episode 1

Requiem for Jacinda Ardern’s Political Life

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Facebook Files is out! Let me add something...

"The Book We Need and Only Justin Hart Could Write "

Remember: 1 year ago --> these posters!

"Covid" Homicides? Yep, they're in there...

More Covid Overcounting 60+ Covid suicides?

New CDC Data 800 "Accidental COVID" deaths?!

What ACTUALLY Happened with Covid

Interview with Matt Kibbe: How COVID Drove the World Insane (Transcript)

The Ultimate List: mRNA Vaccines + Myocarditis

BREAKING: The Pentagon has ended its COVID vaccine mandate for the U.S. Military

Pfizer Executive Tries to Silence Justin

Did National Security Imperatives Compromise COVID-19 Vaccine Safety?

The COVID-19 Crisis: Consequences on Children

Andrew Bostom is BACK and in rare form dissecting autopsy studies. The results are disturbing.

Twitter Files Redux. Parts 6 through 10

Half of Americans believe vax can kill. 1 in 4 believe they know someone it DID kill.

Breaking Study: Spike Protein Runs Amok in Young Adults Suffering from Vaxxed Myocarditis

TL;DR -> Twitter Files Parts 1 through 5

2023: Year of Truth & Accountability