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Breaking: The Omicron is here!

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My Appearance at the San Diego Board of Supervisors

Will a Youngkin win be a referendum on the pandemic?

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Race and COVID-19

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Guest Post: I’m immunocompromised, and I’ve never asked others to protect me

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Vaccine Mandates: The Next Prohibition?

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Dangerous pathogens found on children’s face masks

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People Are Literally Dying to Avoid Contracting the Coronavirus

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Garbage In, Garbage Out. Bad Data Will Kill More People Than COVID Ever Will

My Appearance on OAN's Tipping Point

Harvard Research Confirms What We've Been Saying for Months

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Bullying from the Ivory Tower

Dr. Jay chimes in on the vaccine and its impact (or lack thereof) on the pandemic itself

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50% of the U.S. Population Live in Counties with the Highest Vax Rates AND the Highest Case Rates

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CDC Adding Deaths ALL the Way Back to January 2020?!

A Unique Case Fatality Rate Discovery

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Who's Avoiding the Shot?

We Got Access to 700+ COVID-19 Death Certificates. Here's What We found.

Local Report: Italy

Gavin Newsom will Hospitalize More California Kids than COVID-19 Will

1918 Newspaper Clippings - We've Known the Truth for 100 Years!

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Masking Children is an Ineffective Policy and Not Supported by Research or Data

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What's happening with California?

What predicts vaccine hesitancy? Politics or age?

Red COVID Nonsense

Are Vaccinations REALLY Our Way Out of This Pandemic?

Perspective on COVID-19 Mortality

FDA Rejects Boosters. Is this the turning point?

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Delta + / COVID Death Lows

Different Regions, Different COVID Protocols Going Forward

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Opening... or Four More Weeks of Variant

COVID Zero vs. Normal

A Slow Wind Down

The Fall of Fauci

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Logic is Going Mainstream...

A Look Back at COVID's Origin, and Forward at Mandates & Kids

A Look Back at Lockdowns

Follow the Science? Or...

Will They Let the Pandemic End?

This Week: A Push to Remove Masks

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Mask Logic Be Like

An End to Mandates, or the New Normal?

To Mask, or Not to Mask Outside?

Is There a Path Out of Lockdown?

Continuing Covid Panic

Risk Assessment Is Hard for People, Even Experts

Keep Calm and Carry On

Four States and the WHO Say NO to Vaccine Passports

Freedom to Worship versus Lockdowns

Pushpack Against Vaccine Passports

Freedom versus Control

Free Countries Conquering COVID; Statist Countries Languish

Lockdown Empire Strikes Back

Florida Leading the Way

Mainstream Media Finally Acknowledges What We Already Knew

Dissident Experts Speak Out

More States Freed. Cases Still Falling. More Calls for Accountability.

Cases Continue to Drop. Accountability Begins.

Happy Texas Independence Day!

COVID Cases Continue to Fall

Vaccine is Working

Special Webinar this Thursday, Feb. 25!

Saving Children and Mental Health

Experts Say Reopen Schools. Unions and Politicians Refuse.

Cases Drop, Lockdowns and Panic Continue

The First Amendment Prevails Again

Coming Soon: The Vaccine Passport

UPDATED ISSUE: Expert versus Expert

Expert versus Expert

Masking the True Devastation

California Comes to Its Senses

New Administration. Same Failed Policies

Reminder: Lockdowns Still Don't Work

Authoritarians Never Learn

COVID Security Theater

Government Failures Here and Abroad

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